Office bearers for the Year 2013 / 2014

Annual events

  • The Botanical Society Annual Trip
  • The Plant Exhibition and Plant Sale
  • Annual Charity Event
  • The Film Show
  • Sharmadana
  • Guest Lectures


  • Senior Treasurer : Dr.(Mrs.) P.S. Saputhanthri
  • President: Mr A.A. Madhura Athukorala (fourth year)
  • Vice President : Mr. N.M. Pubudu. M. Nawarathna (fourth year)
  • Secretary: Miss. Pramodi.N Hewawitharana (fourth year)
  • Assistant Secretary : Miss. Nimna V. W. Wijewantha (fourth year)
  • Editor: Miss. Piumi N Gallage (fourth year)
  • Librarian : Miss. Sujanathe Rasakulendran (fourth year)
  • Junior Treasurer : Miss. Kirithikka Vignarasa (fourth year)
  • Committee Members :
    • Third Year
      • Miss. Nileesha Gunawardena
      • Miss. P.P. Nisansala Peiris
  • Second Year
    • Mr. T. S. Niroshan Perera
    • Mr. W.A.D.S. Nuwan Weerakkody
    • First Year
    • Miss. S. Lalani Samarawickrama
    • Mr. K.A. Pasan Gaminda

Annual Fund raising project

Guest Lecture on “Botany enhances landscape architecture”

Presented by Prof. Shirani Balasooriya, Architect and Landscape architect, Senior Consultant at the Department of Architecture, University of Moratuwa. Bachelor of Architecture from University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, and Master of Philosophy in Landscape Architecture from University of Edinburgh, UK. Immediate Past president of Sri Lanka Institute of Landscape Architects and winner of the Zonta Women of Achievement for Architecture 2014. Also, the sole pioneer of Landscape Architectural education in Sri Lanka.

  • Date: 28th of March 2014

Annual Plant Sale

  • Date: 25th August, 2014
  • Venue: College House Premises, University of Colombo

Annual Charity Event

The project was Rs. 170,550 worth and it included

  1. Construction of a drinking water system
  2. Wiring and supplying electricity for the five primary classes
  3. Donation of musical instruments for the eastern music unit
  4. Donation of library books and other western musical instruments

for the above school. Donations of materials were obtained from 5 outside companies and donations of cash were collected within the Faculty of Science.