Diploma in Microbiological Techniques


Microbiology is a multifaceted discipline, having its applications in medicine, agriculture, biotechnology and industries like food and beverages, pharmaceutical industry etc. Therefore, microbiological analysis has become an essential tool in industry.

The industrial sector is increasingly aware of the benefits of being accredited by a certified accreditation body and hence the need for properly trained, skilful and knowledgeable staff has become a necessity. This programme is designed to fulfill that need in producing a workforce that meets the requirements in the microbiological sector.

The programme is designed to produce a high caliber employee, specially trained to meet up to date requirements in microbiological techniques of many of the biotechnology, agricultural, pharmaceutical, healthcare and food and beverage based industries.


The programme is designed;

To enhance knowledge on theoretical aspects of microbiological techniques.
To develop high level skills in microbial techniques.
To provide essential training to work in a range of microbiology-based industries.
To provide an understanding on the application of quality management systems in a microbiology l aboratory setting

Diploma in Biodiversity Management

Jointly conducted by The Department of Plant Sciences & The Department of Zoology


The Diploma in Biodiversity Management (DBIOM) is a multidisciplinary programme that focuses on biological, legal, social and economic aspects of biodiversity conservation and management. The course will be conducted primarily by academics attached to the University of Colombo.


The course intends to provide knowledge on fundamental concepts of managing and conserving biological diversity with special reference to Sri Lankan biota.