Jointly conducted by the Department of Plant Sciences & the Department of Zoology


The Diploma in Biodiversity Management (DBIOM) is a multidisciplinary programme that focuses on biological, legal, social and economic aspects of biodiversity conservation and management. The course will be conducted primarily by academics attached to the University of Colombo.


The course intends to provide knowledge on fundamental concepts of managing and conserving biological diversity with special reference to Sri Lankan biota.

Target Group

Persons interested in nature conservation or biodiversity management. It is relevant to those involved with biodiversity assessments, conservation and sustainable development, as well as to those intending to pursue a future career in a biodiversity conservation related field.

Eligibility Criteria

You are eligible if you posses,

  • Three passes in the Biological Science stream at the G. C. E (A/L) examination in one attempt


  • Three passes in the Physical Sciences stream at the G. C. E (A/L) examination in one attempt and related work experience acceptable to the Senate, University of Colombo


  • Any other qualifications and related work experience acceptable to the Senate, University of Colombo.

Course Structure, Duration and Evaluation

Course Structure

The course consists of the following six modules. Candidates should follow all the modules. The medium of instruction and examination shall be English.

Module 1: An introduction to Biodiversity

Module 2: Impacts on Biodiversity

Module 3: Biodiversity Assessment

Module 4: Tools and Strategies of Biodiversity Management -Part I

Module 5: Tools and Strategies of Biodiversity Management -Part II

Module 6 : Assignment


The duration of the Diploma will be one year part time inclusive of study leave and examinations. Lectures and practical sessions will be held on weekends from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. The students will also participate in field excursions and residential workshops .


Evaluation of the Diploma will be based on two written examinations, practical assessment and evaluation of reports.

Application Procedure

Once advertised application forms could be obtained from the Senior Assistant Registrar (Academic & Publications), University of Colombo, College House, 94, Cumaratunga Munidasa Mawatha, Colombo 03 from 9.00am to 4.00pm on weekdays or by sending a self addressed stamped envelope (22cmx 10cm in size) to reach that division by the given deadline. Currently this program is not offered.

Course fee

The entire course will cost you Rs. 80,000 which will include registration fees, library fees and examination fees. All fees paid are not refundable.

Contact Details

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University of Colombo,
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