Special Degree in Plant Science

Four year degree in Plant Science is a four year degree program offered by the Department of Plant Sciences, University of Colombo to expand the student’s knowledge, comprehension of the core concepts, developing skills and provide hands-on experiences in subjects directly related to plants, their natural environment and its function.

Apart from the basic core knowledge in botany gained during the first two years, students are exposed to subjects that give them an in-depth and broad perspective of the disciplines such as Environmental Science and Plant Ecology and Forest Science, Plant Systematics, Plant Breeding, Soil Science, Plant Diversity Management and Conservation etc. Fundamentals of advanced and novel fields related to Plant Sciences (eg. Molecular Systematics, Bioinformatics, Biodiversity Informatics, Multivariate Analyses in Biology) have been introduced. Field based activities and courses have significantly improved the effectiveness of this study program. Learning outcomes of the special degree in Plant Sciences offer career opportunities specifically in biodiversity related projects, wildlife management and conservation, forestry and forest based industries, plant research institutes and botanic gardens etc.