Dr Sudheera M. W. Ranwala

 Research Areas

  • Conservation of  natural and urban ecosystems of Sri Lanka,
  • Biodiversity surveys
  • Ecology, biology, distribution, and management of environmental weeds/invasive alien plants
  • Responses of Plants  to climate change
  • Biofertilizers

Research students

  • Ms. Jinendra Dissanayake
  • Ms Oshadee  Peiris
  • Mr. Anuradha Medawatte
  • Mr. Supun Deshaprema
  • Mrs Anuga Liyanage

Dr. Iroja Caldera


 On going  Research activities: (postgraduate)

  • Assessment of risks of invasion during deliberate plant introductions to Sri Lanka (OP)
  • Forecasting of the growth and yield performance Sri Lankan grown Sesame/Thala (Sesamum indicum) and its wild relatives to  water deficit conditions (JD)
  • Floristics of  urban areas,  dry zone forests and serpentine  sites of Sri Lanka (AM, SD)

Financial support:


National Science Foundation (NSF), National Research Council (NRC), University of Colombo (UOC), Institute of Fundamental Studies (IFS),Queensland University of Technology, Australia  Collaborators: Department of  Botanic Gardens, Sri Lanka,  Urban Development Authority,