Group Members

  • Prof. K. Hirimburegama (National Award winner – Ministry of Science and Technology)
  • Dr W. K. Hirimburegama
  • Ms Nisansala
  • Eng. W. P. Gunadasa
  • Mr. M. Farhad
  • Mr. H. N. G. Nishantha
  • Mr. I. Indunil

Research Activities/Areas

  • Micro – propagation of nationally important fruit crops, i.e. banana, papaya, citrus
  • Micro – propagation of medical plants
  • Somatic embryogenesis of banana
  • Transfer of plant biotechnology to rural sector agriculture
  • Induced mutation of banana through gamma irradiation

Research links and collaborations

  • Export Development Board
  • Mahaweli Development Ministry
  • Ayurvedic Research Institute, Navinna
  • Private sector laboratories
  • Eastern University

Financial Support

  • International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Vienna
  • Export Development Board
  • Integrated Rural Development Project
  • 2 KR Japanese Grant
  • World food Program
  • National Agribusiness Council