University Research Symposium is an annual showcase of postgraduate research across the University which is scheduled to be held on 25 – 30 October. The conference attracts high quality presentations across all disciplines.

Faculty of Science sessions will be on the 30th October, 2015 at Faculty premises. This year’s theme of the Faculty Sessions is “Human resource development through science and technology”

Program in Brief

Annual Research Symposium 2015 – Faculty of Science Sessions
30th of October, 2015
8:30 AM9:00 AMRegistration of participants and refreshments (Refreshments will be served at the Dean’s office)
Physics and Statistics
Venue: Physics Lecture Room 2 (Second Floor)
Session chairperson : Prof. Chandana Jayaratne / Prof. Dilhari Artygalle / Prof. J. Wijeratna
19:00 AM9:15 AMAnalysis of a two-wheeled self-balancing autonomous robot    R. A. D. D. Dharmasiri and M. K. Jayananda
29:15 AM9:30 AMDevelopment of a diode Laser based chlorophyll sensor  T. H.Tennahewa, K. M. W.Udeshi and H.H.E. Jayaweera
39:30 AM9:45 AMAn optical technique for evaluating the slope errors of reflective parabolic trough  S. K. K. Suraweera, P. D. C. Kumara, M. P. S. Viraj, H. H. E. Jayaweera and T. R. Ariyaratne
49:45 AM10:00 AMTheoretical study on the performance of a cross flow steam condenser J. D. M. Jayakody, P. D. C. Kumara, J. K. Ratnayake, H. H. E. Jyaweera and T. R. Ariyaratne
510:00 AM10:15 AMDesigning a steam condenser for water desalination for parabolic trough solar thermal energy plant P. D. C. Kumara, S. K. K. Suraweera, H. H. E. Jayaweera, A.M. Muzathik and T. R. Ariyaratne
610:15 AM10:30 AMControlling of a parabolic trough concentrator for tracking sun by implementing solar position algorithm on a microcontroller    M.P.S. Viraj1, S. K. K. Suraweera, P. D. C. Kumara, A.N. Pattividana, H. H. E. Jayaweera and T. R. Ariyaratne
710:30 AM10:45 AMA case study on lightning protection of houses in the proximity of a 70 m tall communication tower  M U Mendis and K P S C. Jayaratne
810:45 AM11:00 AMCu2O thin film based LP gas sensor of spiral geometry  J.L.K. Jayasingha, K.N.D. Bandara, K.M.D.C. Jayathilaka, M.S. Gunewardene, D.P. Dissanayake, J.K.D.S. Jayanetti
911:00 AM11:15 AMConstructing urbanization index at Grama Niladari level for Western Province of Sri Lanka    E.A.A.P Egodawatte and W.N. Wickremasinghe
1011:15 AM11:30 AMJoint modeling of a survival and a count response A.A.Sunethra, M.R.Soriyarachchi
1111:30 AM11:45 AMGeneralized Estimating Equations (GEE) for modelling correlated data and its future potentials: a review J. C. Hapugoda, M. R. Sooriyarachchi
1211:45 AM12:00 PMA case study on factors associated with the birth weight R.G. Upul, M.R. Sooriyaarachchi,
1312:00 PM12:15 PMStatistical model to assess vulnerability for adverse health outcomes in elderly G. D. N. Samarutilake, M. R. Sooriyaarachchi
12:30 PMLunch (Dean’s office)
Chemistry and Plant Science
Venue: Plant Science Lecture theater (Ground floor)
 Session Chairperson: Prof. R.D. Wijesekera / Prof. S. Ranwala
19:00 AM9:15 AMA Comparison study of binding affinity of cortisol and steroid molecules from Sri Lankan flora to corticosteroid-binding globulin, S. Rathnayake and S. Weerasinghe
29:15 AM9:30 AMDevelopment of a GC method to assess the adulteration of coconut oil by palm oil,  D.C Gamage, R.M.G.B Rajanayake,K.R.R Mahanama
39:30 AM9:45 AMElectron capture dissociation of multiply charged cations of Polymyxin B using electrospray ionization Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry,  R. V. Coorey
49:45 AM10:00 AMDevelopment of a fluorimetric method for assessing paracetamol in pharmaceuticals,  G.W.C.S.Perera, M.D.P. de Costa, K.R.R. Mahanama
510:00 AM10:15 AM In vitro elastase, tyrosinase, hyaluronidase inhibitory and antioxidant activities of Curcuma aromatica from Sri Lanka, G. D. Liyanaarachhi, R.Samarasekara, K.R.R. Mahanama, K.D.P. Hemalal
610:15 AM10:30 AM Eco-friendly, sustainable and low cost bio-fertilizer to reduce 50% of urea recommendation for rice, with even better yields, T. A. Perera, T. L. S. Tirimanne, G. Seneviratne, S.A. Kulasooriya
710:30 AM10:45 AMFloristic diversity and plant associations in Ussangoda National Park, K. M. S. Deshaprema, S. M. W. Ranwala, M. C. M. Iqbal, P. S. Saputhanthri
810:45 AM11:00 AM Improving phosphorus nutrition of rice using fungal inocula, P. D. S. U. Kumari, C. M. Nanayakkara, D. N. Sirisena
911:00 AM11:15 AM Morphological variation of Sesame/Thala (Sesamumindicum L.) grown in Sri LankaI, A.J.K. Dissanayake,  S.M.W. Ranwala,   S.S.N. Perera
1011:15 AM11:30 AMRegeneration potential and species interactions of selected woody species at Ussangoda Serpentine plains,  K. M. S. Deshaprema, S. M. W. Ranwala, M. C. M. Iqbal, P. S. Saputhanthri
1111:30 AM11:45 AMHeavy metal hyperaccumulating plants in the Ussangodaserpentinite, R. M. Samarakkody, P. S. Saputhanthri, M. C. M. Iqbal and S. W. Ranwala
1211:45 AM12.00 noon
12.30 PMLunch (Dean’s office)
Zoology and Nuclear Science
 Venue: Zoology seminar room (Ground floor)
 Session Chairperson: Prof. W. Yapa / Prof. P. Mahawatta
19:00 AM9:15 AMDo cattle egrets in Sri Lanka show breeding migration? R L Jayaratne, I C Perera, D K Weerakoon, and S W Kotagama
29:15 AM9:30 AMHistorical and current records of Cylindera(Ifasina) labioaenea Horn, 1892 (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae) in Sri Lanka, A.Thotagamuwa, C.D Dangalle, N. Pallewatta, E. Lokupitiya
39:30 AM9:45 AM Vector surveillance suggests an enhanced vector status for Ae. albopictuscompared to Ae. aegyptiin the Kandy district, M D  Nirmani, K L  N Perera and G H Galhena
49:45 AM10:00 AMOviposition activity of dengue vectors in response to two different organic infusions, M. D. Nirmani, K. L. N. Perera and G. H. Galhena
510:00 AM10:15 AMAnti inflammatory activity of Haliclona (Soestella) sp marine sponge crude extract   in   murine models: inhibition of pro inflammatory cytokines and leukocyte migration, V K Gunathilake, W D Ratnasooriya and P V Udagama
610:15 AM10:30 AMThe mature leaf concentrate of Sri Lankan Wild type Carica papaya stimulates in vitro proliferation and phagocytosis of rat immune cells, C D Jayasinghe, W D Ratnasooriya and P V Udagama
710:30 AM10:45 AM Toxicity and mutagenicity of a selected heavy metal mixture revealed by the Allium cepa bioassay, U A  Jayawardena, D DWickramasinghe, W D Ratnasooriya and  P V Udagama
810:45 AM11:00 AMGenetic clustering and hybrid inferiority support distinct species status of the Red-backed Woodpecker (Dinopiumpsarodes) of Sri Lanka, S P Fernando and S SSeneviratne
911:00 AM11:15 AM Phylogenetic status ofZosterops white-eyes in Sri Lanka, N Wickramasinghe, V V  Robin and S. Seneviratne
1011:15 AM11:30 AMPopulation diversity of Weligama coconut leaf wilt phytoplasma strains in  Weligama, Sri Lanka C Kanatiwela-de Silva and  P  V Udagama
1111:30 AM11:45 AMMeasurement of indoor radon concentration in the premises of the Faculty of Science, University of Colombo, using activated charcoal method  W. A. J. S. Wickramasinghe, P. Mahawatte
12.30 PMLunch (Dean’s office)