Application of Analytical Methods in Quality Assurance
Electrochemistry and Photochemistry
Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
Organic Synthesis and Natural products

Quantitative Finance, Numerical Methods,
Computational Fluid dynamics, Mathematical Modeling.
Automation and Field theory related questions.
Category Theory, Nevenlinna Theory, Minimax Theory,
Banach Space Theory, Recreational Mathematics
Portfolio optimization using quadratic programming,
Dynamic inventory models.
Networks, Algorithms, Combinatorics and Graph Theory.
Functional Analysis and Mathematics Education
Non-Smooth Analysis and Optimization
Mathematical Modeling, Differential Equations

Environmental radioactivity
Nuclear analytical techniques in pollution monitoring
Gamma spectroscopy

Plant Pathology
Plant Breeding
Ecology and Environment
Molecular Biology / Biotechnology
Plant Systematics
In-vitro plant propagation & somatic embryogenesis

Atmospheric Physics
Instrumentation Physics
Lightning Physics
Semiconductor Physics
Computational Physics
Molecular Desorption Mass Spectrometry

Mammalian Reproduction,
Bio-activity of herbs and tea,
Biology of Sri Lankan Elephants and Bats,
Wildlife Ecology, Eco-tourism,
Ornithology, Marine Ecology,
Limnology, Environmental pollution,
Parasite Immunology & Molecular Biology of diseases,
Conservation Biology,
Entomology, Aquatic Biology

Correlated Cluster Data
Mortality Forecasting Model
Study of S & T Doctoral Degree Holders in Sri Lanka
Agricultural Statistics