Academic Clubs

Physics Society (Physoc)

Physoc1The Physics Society of University of Colombo is being sheltered by the Department of Physics since 2008. It is the main student body of the department and one of the active societies in the Faculty of Science.

Unremittingly being an oasis for those who wish to understand the day- to-day life through a physicist’s eye, the Physics Society caters the keen interest on deeper physical phenomena as well.

Physics Talks

Physics Talks is an open forum guided by the third and fourth year Special Degree students which provides potential for the participants to share their knowledge and ideas on matters related to physics. It had been successful in nurturing the interest on physics in students though live practical demonstrations, discussions and ‘food for thought’. One to two hour sessions take place once in two weeks on prearranged dates inside the department premises. Anyone who is interested and served by curiosity is welcome!

Guest Lectures

Guest lectures by local and foreign scientists or related parties are organized by the Physics Society in the aim of providing information about the researches and activities around the world and different branches of physics to be explored in the future.

Notice Board

The society notice board near the NPLT is updated continuously with articles on different aspects of physics. Anybody has the opportunity to submit short articles to be displayed and to gain knowledge by reading those while waiting outside the NPLT for the lectures to commence.

Sathsara Musical Event and Shramadana

Apart from the academic contributions, an annual musical event is organised by the Physics Society with the participation of the academic and nonacademic staff of the department of Physics and the current students. The shramadana activity is a service to the department from the society members. Both the activities enhance the synergies between the staff and the students while providing a change via enjoyment.

Other activities include exhibitions, seminar and teaching programmes, workshops and quizzes depending on the available opportunity.

Contact details
Information on ongoing activities can be obtained through coordinators of each batch or directly through the office bearers.

Botanical Society (BOTSOC)

BotsocBotanical society which is sheltered by the Department of Plant sciences is renown among other societies.

Botanical society always broadens the horizons for many younger botanists to work in a eco friendly manner without blind imitations of destructive technical trends.

Annual Shramadana

Apart from the academic contribution Botanical Society gives a prominent place for the annual shramadana which involves not only cleaning up the environment but to strengthen the bonds between the staff and students. Being an eco friendly crew we provide an example maintaining our garden to embellish the university premises as well.

Annual Charity Event

One of the major events done by the Botanical Society is the annual charity event where the helping hands are always given for those who need help. Donations will be given to different needy people in the society like rural students, patients, disable people and etc. Main objective of these events is always to kindle humanity thoughts in the hearts of her followers.

Guest Lectures

Guest lectures are organized by the lecturers and researches to enlighten students who seek for the information of modern scientific developments. This provides an opportunity to develop interest in young minds who’s willing to explore the branches of modern science.

Notice board

Notice board provides good opportunity for the creative writers to enhance their writing skills so that the society notice board which is near the Botany department is continuously filled up with latest updates and thoughts of our students.

The Stat Circle 

statCircleThe ‘Stat Circle’ was formed by the students of the University of Colombo. The original aims of the Circle were, as they are today, to enhance the statistical knowledge of the students and the outside community and to communicate and exchange ideas with other societies, universities and the industry. As we all know and experience there is a tremendous surge in the number of applications that make use of statistics in the last few decades. And the need for employees who are accustomed to thinking statistically and who are adept at using statistical tools is greater than ever. The Stat Circle was formed in part to fill this void.

The inaugural meeting was held on the 15th of October 2002. Since then the Stat Circle has achieved much through the tireless effort of its members. It has gained the reputation of being one of the most active and dynamic societies in the University.

The Stat Circle also offers a number of services to clients both within and outside the University of Colombo.


1.To stimulate interest in statistics and related fields.
2.To communicate and exchange ideas with other societies and universities in the relevant field, locally and internationally.
3.To open up avenues to disseminate and gain new knowledge in statistics and it’s applications.
4.To strengthen relations with the industry that makes use of statistical skills.

Stat Day

The Stat Day is the most major event organized by the Stat Circle. The primary objective of this annual event is to stimulate interest in statistics and other related fields, among students, the academia and the industry by providing a forum of sorts for presenting and discussing various issues related to statistics. Being a joint effort between the Stat Circle and the staff of the Department of Statistics, the Stat Day provides the much needed platform to discuss and explore new horizons of Statistics and related applications. Moreover, this provides a good opportunity for the students to connect and acquainted with the industry and attune with the industry.

The Stat Day commences with a selected group of renowned professionals and academics from the state sector and industrial communities of Sri Lanka addressing the gathering. This includes a keynote speech which is to be delivered by a well-respected professional on a particular theme chosen. The guest speeches will be followed by a Panel Discussion, an interactive forum, where academics, industry leaders, policy makers, students and a diverse array of experts on different disciplines join in to share and refine their ideas, views and thoughts on the theme.

The climax of the day is the Prof. V.K.Samaranayake Memorial inter–university quiz competition. Teams comprising of four members from several universities in the island are expected to participate in this event. Our main intention is to test the application of statistics in various fields and to enhance the practical knowledge of the students. Certificates and prizes will be awarded to the winning team and the runners up.

Shilpa Shakthi

The Stat Circle recently introduced a new project called “Shilpa-Shakthi”. The main objective of this project is to assist local students in their academic endeavors conducting teaching campaigns or providing aid to improve their infrastructure and Resources. The first phase of the “Shilpa-Shakthi” has successfully completed on 23rd January 2015 at Taxila Central College, Horana with the participation of advanced level students in Kalutara district where the stat circle managed to conduct a successful teaching campaign on A/L Statistics & distribute text books for the students.

Guest Lectures

Stat Circle annually organize series of guest lectures which are conducted by esteem academia and professionals in the prospect of sharing knowledge and increase the awareness of statistics specially among undergraduate students and to all parties who are interested. These lectures have been an immense success in inculcating statistical knowledge into undergraduates of University of Colombo as well as students from other universities.

Base for Enthusiasts of Environmental Science and Zoology

BEEZBase for Enthusiasts of Environmental Science and Zoology (BEEZ) is a student based society of the University of Colombo. It is affiliated with the Department of Zoology and comprises of students who share a common interest in this field. The main goals of this society are to nurture a love for Environmental Science and Zoology among the university students as well as the general public, create awareness on environmental issues and to organize community service projects.

Following its establishment in April 2015, it has organized its inaugural event to commemorate the ‘World Environment Day’ which falls on the 5th of June 2015. An awareness programme will be conducted for school students and undergraduates under this year’s theme set by the UNEP – ‘Seven billion dreams. One planet. Consume with care’. An Essay Writing Competition, a Photography Competition and a Quiz Competition have also been organized in parallel to the main event.

BEEZ believes that this is the first step of a long journey that will contribute in making a more conscious society that is sensitive to environmental issues. If you feel like this is something you’d like to be a part of, do get in touch with us.

Chemical Society (ChemSoc)

Chemsoc1The Chemical Society (ChemSoc) of University of Colombo is the only students’ society established under the Department of Chemistry, in year 2000 and is one of the largest, oldest and the most active students’ societies of the University.

Providing and incomparable opportunity for the students of the faculty of science to excel in their scientific journey by understanding and applying the key chemical principles, updating their knowledge based on the new trends and findings in the chemical world, improving their leadership and group working skills, providing them opportunities to bring out their hidden skills to explore their curiosities, preparing them for higher studies and also training them for the future careers, while at the same time giving them an opportunity to fulfill their corporate social responsibilities, ChemSoc is yet on a never ending journey towards excellence.

With the intention of spreading awareness and encouraging the students to explore the chemical world the society has undertaken many initiatives.

Chemistry Day

Chemistry Day is the major events of the calendar of ChemSoc which is organized with the participation of distinguish guests, academic members, invited guests from institutions and industries, the representative of all the Universities, school students and many more providing the guests an insight to enhance their enthusiasm about chemistry, along with the plenty of entertainment provided by a magic show.

Resonance Magazine

‘Resonance magazine’ is a publication by the Chemical Society on behalf of the Department of Chemistry containing many scientific articles from distinguished scientist from all over the world.

All Island Inter-School Quiz Competition

All island inter-school quiz competition is organized by the chemical society with the participation of the school students from all over the isle who are interested and fascinated about chemistry. At the end the winners of the quiz would be selected and would be awarded.

Annual Ice Cream Dansala

The annual ice cream dansala is a project organized based on the contributions of the Senior Academic staff, Temporary Academic Staff, Non-Academic Staff and the Students of the Department for the whole faculty.


SAHAS, also known as Scholarly Access in Helping the Advancement of Science is an annual project done by the Chemical society as a part of its corporate social responsibility. It is a School Donation Programme within the Academic Intuition Programme planned by the Chemical Society which is focused on helping to increase the standard of education, of schools in rural areas.

This project mainly targets the students who are preparing for the A/L examination offering Chemistry as a subject. This event is an unforgettable learning experience for the students, as the event features a distribution of stationery to the students, donation of subject material to the school libraries, chemistry practical demonstrations, seminar sessions, quiz competition, tutorial sessions, group discussions and finally a chemistry magic show and a teacher awareness program.

Annual ChemSoc Trip

The annual ChemSoc Trip is an entertainment event organized by the society for the Academic Staff, Temporary Academic Staff and for the special degree students of the department. It is a one day trip comprising of various fun items and games.

Guest Lectures

Guest lecturers delivered by local as well as international scientists are organized by the society for the benefit of all the students of the faculty, updating their knowledge on the recent chemistry related findings and researches and clearing the possible paths for them to exploit.

Many other minor projects would be carried out by the society throughout the year based on the availability of time and opportunities.

The details of the ongoing events can be obtained by the direct contact of the office bearers.

Epsilon Delta Society

The Epsilon Delta Society is a mathematics society run by the students of the Department of Mathematics in the University of Colombo. It has presently emerged popular as one of the main and most active student organizations in the Faculty of Science of the university.

The Epsilon Delta Society was founded on the 29th of August 2005. The unflagging mission of the society is to  stimulate  an  interest  in  the  students  in mathematics, especially in pure mathematics, and related  sciences,  to  help  them  discover  their capabilities in these fields, and also to create an ideal platform for them to enhance their mathematical skills. Further, the society works closely with the academic staff  and  the  academic  support  staff  of  the Department of Mathematics in order to provide the students, both in and out of the university, with an invaluable  opportunity  to  be  nurtured  within  a prestigious and erudite academic environment.

It is quite striking and admirable that the members in the society volunteer for the Sri Lanka Olympiad Mathematics Foundation so as to conduct the national level selection tests, to organize preparatory seminars in certain schools, and also to guide the selected teams up to the international events. Moreover, the society undertakes the activities pertaining to the distribution of certificates for the participants and winners of the Sri Lanka Olympiad Mathematics Competition.

A magazine had also been published once in the year 2015 which incorporated interesting and beautiful topics, relating mathematics to the real world which clinches the attention of any reader coming from any background.

In addition to this, the Epsilon Delta Society regularly hosts an event called the “Math Circle” where the members  and  other  attendees  discuss  such stimulating and enlightening topics as mathematical paradoxes, concept behind infinity, prime numbers etc.

This event has created an absolute podium for the students to share their passion for mathematics with their peers while earnestly exploring and pondering over  the  unsolved  mysteries  in  the  world  of mathematics. The unflinching commitment of the members of the Epsilon Delta Society has enabled the young people in the country to see the world through the eyes of a true mathematician.

Interactive Clubs

FOS Media

fos media

Although FOSmedia is the official media unit of the Science Faculty, it serves as the official media unit of the entire university giving coverage to the major events such as convocations, annual research symposia and  university  games.  FOSmedia is comprised of SDU staff and the students of the Faculty of Science. Following are the FOSmedia brands and services.

  • FOS TV – Live web TV channel that handles webcasting of university events
  • Students Blog – A space for students to showcase their talent in writing (tutorials, poetry, research etc.)
  • UOC Rhythm – Online radio channel for university students which is the first ever of its kind in Sri Lanka
  • FOSmediaR – Reporting University wide events and other major incidents
  • FOSmedia Events – Twitter feed dedicated to live sport and event updates
  • Faculty website is also maintained by the FOSmedia with  the  supervision  of  the Faculty IT committee
  • FOSmedia video production – Videography, editing and production of movies and clips at the request of various faculties, departments and clubs

FOSmedia owns a fully equipped media studio and provides a wide range of services to the university through  photography,  videography,  photo/video editing and desktop publishing work.

Visit us on, like us on FB/ fosmedia and follow us on Twitter/fosmediaR or email to

Amalgamated Club

AmalgamatedThe Amalgamated Club of University of Colombo is the main governing body of the 22 sports conducted in the university which is run by the students under the patronage of the Vice Chancellor. The Club works in collaboration with the Department of Physical Education, University of Colombo which is the main staff body in charge of sports within the university.

The Club consists exclusively of the captains and vice captains of the 22 sports which include Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Carrom, Chess, Cricket, Elle, Football, Hockey, Karate, Netball, Road Race, Rowing, Rugger, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Taekwondo, Track & Field, Volleyball, Weightlifting and Wrestling. The board consists of 6 members who are nominated yearly at the Annual General Meeting and they serve to mediate and solve the problems encountered by the teams.

Events organized by the Club:

Leadership Training Program

This program was newly introduced in the year 2014 with the aim of building team spirit and leadership skills among the captains and vice captains of the teams so that they make better sportsmen and sportswomen with good character and personality. It involves an outdoor training camp with many adventure and trust building activities.

I am a champion

Another leadership quality building program organized by the Club during the Inter University season to uplift the spirits of the sports players by bringing in a guest speaker to address the gathering.

Colors Night

The biggest event of the Club’s calendar where the sportsmen and sportswomen are felicitated for their outstanding achievements in the sports arena especially Inter University Games.

Submitted by:
Ishara Moulana,
Amalgamated Club,
University of Colombo.

Rotaract Club

RotaractRotaract is one of the prestigious organizations that had been established in the world to attend the needs of the society in a variety of different aspects. This association had extended its services for many years reaching out for the passionate souls who are in every nook and corner of the world. Being inspired by the vision and mission of this association, the Rotaract Club of Faculty of Science, University of Colombo was established in the year 2004 to serve the fellow mankind. From 2004 onwards Rotaract has been continuing its journey for 12 long years within the science faculty premises keeping up to its ultimate motive.

The energy driven towards good thoughts, good deeds and optimism leads to the way of achievement. Such a bouncing energy witnessed in a bunch of youngsters, with uncompromising passion could be the trigger to the massive changes that uplift humanity. We have been privileged and blessed to have such a group of people with amazing talents and caliber who are willing to work towards that change. Even though the services to be rendered as a rotaractor takes 4 different dimensions, the hard work and dedication put out by every one of our members are of equal magnitude.

The rotaract year 2014/2015 which was carried out under the theme “Kindle the passion, Unleash Humanity”, paved way to reach out for new horizons and stride in strange waters while holding up to our roots. The igniting passion we had for rotaract, the lessons learned through every fall, team work and the ultimate desire we had for serving our fellow men made us push our limits harder and achieve more and more heights. Today we stand as one of the most dynamic university based organization with a membership of 110 passionate youth who are willing to give their best to serve the fellow human. The successful completion of the projects within the given time span and the unique impacts they had on the society made it evident that we’ve lived up to our expectations. A major retrospection on the signature projects of the club is as follows,


Sevana, the annual day out with the differently able kids of “Preethipura” children’s home was held on the 2nd of November 2014. The rotaractors and kids along with the caretakers of the home took a trip to explore the beauty of Kalutara district. The Aluthgama Vihara, Panadura beach and few other beautiful landmarks of the Kalutara District were visited and the whole day was happily spent giving enjoyment and satisfaction to all the participants of Sevana.

The Quest

The interactive program organized for the members of the Rotaract Club was held on the 01st of February 2015 at the science faculty premises. This program consisted of a treasure hunt and many recreational activities and games which focused on improving the knowledge of the members regarding Rotaract and utilizing their ability to lead and work as a team. With the participation of around 40 members, “The Quest” marked a great success.

Future Challenge

“Future Challenge 2015”, one of the greatest endeavors of the Rotaract Club was held on the 21st of February 2015 at the science faculty premises. Being held for the 10th consecutive year this program reached a new dimension with the joining of two leading corporate sectors of Sri Lanka, MAS Linea Intimo and MIT as Platinum and Gold sponsors. The resume writing workshop and the career day program received a huge response from the 3rd and 4th year undergraduates of the faculty and we were privileged with the presence of 10 leading corporate sectors in Sri Lanka. This project reported a great success with the participation of around 250 shortlisted candidates for the career day program.

Akhankhara 2015

“Akhankhara 2015”, the school empowerment project of the club was held from the 30th of April to the 2nd of May 2015 for the 2nd consecutive year. This year the whole project was centered on 4 underprivileged schools in Wariyapola, Kurunegala District. The project was executed in 5phases such as an O/L Mathematics & Science seminar session, Donation of stationery & Laboratory equipment, Renovation of 2 dilapidated school buildings, Night observation camp and a Medical camp. With the generous help and support of all the undergraduates and some of the well wishers we were able to fulfill all the requirements expected from us. The 3 day project ended giving a complete satisfaction and happiness to all those who became a part of Akhankhara.

Naada Nuu 2015

Naada Nuu 2015, the first ever musical concert of the club that featured the talents of all the four batches of the faculty was held in collaboration with the music crew of the Faculty of Science, University of Colombo. This magnificent phenomenon was held on the 24th of May 2015 at the New Arts Theater, University of Colombo with the presence of Prof. Lalitha Mendis, the Vice Chancellor of University of Colombo, Mr. Wasantha Kumara Kobawa, one of the well known lyricists of Sri Lanka, Prof. K.R.R. Mahanama, the dean of the Faculty of science and many other dignitaries. The musical show that continued for 3 long hours consisted of many mesmerizing solo, duet and group songs, of all genres of music and a few dance performances, ultimately turned out to be musical treat for the audience.

Submitted by:
Rtr. Nadeesha Ketakumbura,
President (2014/2015),
Rotaract Club,
Faculty of Science,
University of Colombo.


AiesecAbout AIESEC

AIESEC is the worlds’ largest youth run organization which focuses on youth leadership development while facilitating a network among the youth enabling them to create a positive impact on the world through personal development and global experience sharing. AIESEC believes that it’s the responsibility of every young person to take up leadership roles for the betterment of the future of the planet thus as an organization we make sure that every young person is given the chance and the tools to develop their leadership potential through EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING, VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCES and PROFESSIONAL INTERNSHIPS.

AIESEC was officially founded in 1948 after the Second World War with the main expectation of expanding the understanding among nations by expanding the understanding of individuals. The vision of AIESEC is “Peace and Fulfillment Of humankind’s Potential” and we drive towards it with a solid foundation of values.

Why we do, what we do
• Because we believe in “Empowering Young People for Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s Potential”
• Because we have a vision that is shared with thousands of students all over the globe and more than 1 million Alumni.
• Because we value in cultural diversity.
• Because we think that through involvement and understanding, we can all have a positive impact in the world.
• Because we think that embracing new cultures will make you a more responsible leader.

About AIESEC in University of Colombo
AIESEC Colombo Central or AIESEC in University of Colombo is a local chapter of AIESEC in Sri Lanka which provides an international platform to all the undergraduates of the University of Colombo to explore and develop their leadership skills.

Currently, AIESEC in University of Colombo has designed several projects under the Global Community Development Programme to cater the aspects of leadership and to transform an individual to a better leader. All these projects are planned to enable a member to go along the stages of Learn, Grow and Lead.

Beyond the ability is a project which serves the advancement of the Differently Abled children of Sri Lanka.
Faith is a project which creates cancer awareness within the society.
MDG is project which has been designed to cater the Millennium Development goals established by the United Nations.
Bleed Green is a green initiative.
Danuma and Colour My World are projects focusing on English Literacy and Soft Skills improvement.
Upsurge is a Youth Empowerment initiative.

If you are an undergraduate of the University of Colombo, AIESEC will help you to strive for excellence and to grow in confidence as a responsible leader to change the world all for the better.

Events and Photos
• Project Faith
• Project MDG
• Project Beyond the Ability: Media Set 1,  Media Set 2
• Leadership Development Seminar
• Winterfest
• NexusCon

• Webisite :
• Blog :
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How to join/ whom to contact
Email: to Vice President, Talent Management)

Written by:
Nathaliya Jayawardena.

Gavel Club of the University of Colombo was first introduced to uplift the standards of communication, language and leadership skills of undergraduates.

The club is open to all the Faculties and fluency in English is NOT required to join the club. At Gavel, you can be yourself and express your ideas and views to an audience and improve yourself as a communicator as well as a leader.

The Club is an affiliation of Toastmasters International, USA. Following similar Toastmasters Club meeting protocols, the Club provides a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop these skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth. The Club currently has a membership of over 65 undergraduates from 6 faculties.

Our Gavellers are regular participants of speech competitions organised by various clubs. The Club’s biggest achievements to date were the organization of the first ever Intra- University Best Speaker Competition of the University of Colombo ‘Oration 2016’ and first ever all island humorous and speech evaluation competition for the youth of Sri Lanka

‘Enliven 2017’.

Under the motto of Gavel Never Stops, the Club caters to a wide variety of individuals by organising regular workshops conducted  by  distinguished  Toastmasters  as  well  as speakers. One other initiative of the Club is Gavel under the Trees, a creative and innovative platform, designed solely to improve the overall Gavel experience by providing a platform for an insightful discussion in a leisurely environment.

The Club meets at least once every week and it has some new and exciting plans for the upcoming year. So come join with us!