Even though University of Colombo is primarily an academic institution it urges its students to embark upon many leisurely past times. One such claim is its willingness to provide means to play sports purely for the purpose of leisure.

At the Gymnasium Complex

The University Gymnasium complex which sits next to the Law faculty canteen is visited by many eager sporting chaps of many a faculty. It provides Badminton Courts, Table Tennis tables, Carom boards, Chess boards as well as a Gymnasium. Any current UOC student can request for the necessary sporting equipment (Badminton rackets, Table Tennis rackets, Chess pieces) by providing their University Identity card at the front door table placed within the Gymnasium office.

At the Pool

UOC students enjoy the special privilege of having a leisurely swim after a hard days work at the Royal College Swimming pool located near the University premises. Students are allowed to visit the pool on weekday evenings and on weekends. To do so UOC students must obtain a swimming card offered on request at the Department of Physical Education.

At the Grounds

The University grounds facilitates a variety of outdoor sports. Some such sports are Cricket, Volleyball, Baseball, Elle, Basketball and Netball. Athletes also make full use of facilities provided. The Pavilion : yet another historic building houses an office which provides necessitates to play sports offered at the grounds. Just as it is at the front door Gymnasium office in order to gain the sporting equipment students must place their student Identity card at the office.