The University of Colombo has come a long way in becoming a pioneer in Academics and Research. Hence our University has been continuously molding graduates who are capable in various disciplines.

In the process, University sports play a prominent role in building a students’ personality and developing other competencies required by the corporate world. Currently there are more than sixty sports; to all the passionate and committed undergraduate Sports men and women.

The Department of Physical Education is the main governing body regarding University sports. It comprises of an experienced staff with a dedicated instructor panel. The Amalgamated Club is the next governing entity of sports. It is formed by union of all sports captains of the University with the intention of looking into the welfare of University sports.

The Inter University games’ is the most awaited event in the University sports calendar where all the sports people await eagerly to do their very best for their team. The Colombo University has been able to maintain itself among the leading positions at the Inter University games continuously over the years. It also held the joint championship with the Moratuwa University last year.

This year, students from Colombo University have got the opportunity to represent Sri Lanka at World University games scheduled to be held in Korea.

The Amalgamated Club and the Department of Physical education work hand in hand with the teams to provide necessary facilities and to promote the spirit of sport among University students. The performance of the Colombo University Students in the SLUG has been admirable. They have shown great promise in the 2013 SLUG games organized by the Moratuwa University. All the Students show great commitment and dedication towards sports while balancing their academic career. They are about to play for their University at the Inter University games in 2015 and move with high spirits to the SLUG games the following year.

Thank You.

Dulan Damasean,
Swimming Team,
University of Colombo.