Prof. Wipula B Yapa

Prof. Wipula B Yapa

Professor in Zoology

Department of Zoology and Environment Sciences,
University of Colombo,
Colombo 03,
Sri Lanka.
Room: 206
Work Phone: +94112158388

Academic and Professional qualifications

PhD. in Animal Behaviour & Communication 1995 – Ludwig Maximillians University, Munich, Germany
MSc. in Mammalian Biology 1992 – University of Colombo
BSc. in Biological Sciences 1985 – University of Kalaniya

Charted Biologist

Research interests

  • Ecological studies of small mammals, particularly bats
  • Ecosystem services of bats
  • Social behaviour of small mammals,
  • Acoustic communication
  • Flash communication in fireflies

Research Gate

Recent Publications

  • Kusuminda, T.G.T. & Yapa, W.B. (2017). First record of a Wrinkle-lipped free-tailed bat Chaerephon plicatus Buchannan, 1800 (Mammalia: Chiroptera: Molossidae) colony in Sri Lanka with notes on the echolocation calls and taxonomy of the species. Journal of Threatened Taxa. Vol. 9 (4): 10021–10140
  • Ter-Mikaelian M, Yapa W.B. and Rubsamen, R. (2012). Vocal Behaviour of the Mongolian gerbil in a semi natural enclosure. Behaviour. Vol. 1499(5): 461-492.
  • Schmidt, S., Yapa, W.B., Grunwald, J. (2011) Echolocation behaviour of Megaderma lyra during typical orientation situations and while hunting aerial prey: a field study. J Comp Physiol(A). Vol 197(5): 403-412.
  • Dayananda, P.D., Yapa, W.B. and Ratnasooriya,W.D. (2008). The effect of the aqueous stem bark extract of Kokoona zeylanica Thw. on the blood glucose level of mice. Phcog Magazine. Vol  4 (16):308-314.
  • Yapa, W.B. and Ratnasooriya, W. D. (2006). Ecology and Biology of Sri Lankan Bats. University of Colombo Review 1(1): 63-85.
  • Gunatilake M.R.M.P.N., Yapa W B. and Ratnasooriya W. D. (2005). Evidence of fish in the diet of greater false vampire bat Megaderma lyra in Sri Lanka. ZOO’S PRINT 20(4):1834-1835.
  • Yapa, W.B.,  Ratnasooriya, W. D., Costa H.H. and Ruebsamen R.  (2005). Inflight and outflight activity patterns of five species of cave dwelling bats in Sri Lanka. J  Sci. Univ. Kelaniya. 2:41-62.
  • Digana, P.M.C., Yapa, W.B. and Ratnasooriya, W.D. (2005). Pup predation of Schreibers’ long-fingered bat, Miniopterus schreibersii (Microchiroptera) by two species of reptiles in the Wavulpena cave  in Sri Lanka. Lyriocephalus Special issue. 6:307-310.
  • Ratnasooriya, W. D .,  Udagama- Randeniya, P.V,  Yapa, W.B., Digana, P.M.C.B.  and Dharmasiri, M.G.(2005). Haematological parameters of three species of wild caught microchiropteran bats, Miniopterus schreibersii, Taphozouos melanopogon and Hipposideros lankadiva in Sri Lanka. J.  Sci. Univ. Kelaniya. 2:27-40.
  • Yapa W.B, Digana. P.M.C.B. and  Ratnasooriya, W.D. (2005). Are bats an endangered group? Evidence from Sri Lanka. Proceedings of the 2nd Regional Symposium on Environmnet and Natural Resources. University of Kebangsaan, Malaysia.pp. 184-188.
  • Goonatilake, M.R.M.P.N., Schmidt, S, Ratnasooriya, W. D and Yapa, W.B. (2004). Frog consumption by the Indian False vampire bat Megaderma lyra: Observations in a natural population in Sri Lanka. The Herpetology of Sri Lanka: Current Research. De Silva, Anslem (Editor)  Lyriocephalus special issue. 5 (1&2) 36-43.
  • Digana, P.M.C.B., Yapa, W.B., Randeniya, P.V. and Ratnasooriya, W. D. (2003). Roost Selection of the short nosed fruit bat, Cynopterus sp. in Sri Lanka. J Sci. Univ. Kelaniya 1: 15-21.

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