Research highlights on Zoology

The Department of Zoology excels in its research capabilities providing research opportunities in diverse fields such as Mammalian Reproduction, Bio-activity of herbs and tea, Biology of Sri Lankan Elephants and Bats, Wildlife Ecology, Eco-tourism, Ornithology, Marine Ecology, Limnology, Environmental pollution, Parasite Immunology & Molecular Biology of malaria and of other human and animal diseases, Conservation Biology, Entomology, Aquatic Biology under the guidance of its academic staff members. Co-supervisors of research students may be from other universities and research institutions, where at times international scientists are also involved though international collaborations. Much of this research work is published in both local and international journals. The postgraduate research program of the department also enriches the undergraduate program by providing a few opportunities for students selected for the Special degree programs to participate in some components of on-going research activities.

Avian Evolution Node

Avian Evolution Node (AviEN) is a laboratory devoted to the studies of evolution and to better understand the processes of life on earth. Our interests driven by curiosity are rooted in the studies of island biogeography, causes of endemicity and the evolution of novel traits.