Name of the StudentName of the SupervisorProject Title
1W.K.S.M. AbeysekeraDr GAS Premakumara

Prof WD Ratnasooriya

Dr NV Chandrasekharan

Physico-chemical and bioactive properties of some Sri Lankan traditional rice varieties
2K. R. W. AbeywickramaProf WD Ratnasooriya,

Dr A M T Amarakoon,

A study of some aspects of chemistry and bioactivities of Sri Lankan Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings (BOPF) grade black tea (Camellia sinensis L.).
3Anira N. FernandoDr Dharshan De Silva

Prof Sunil Premawansa

Prof Alessandro Sette

Understanding the role of host genetic factors and the recognition by the host immune system of specific DENV peptides during dengue haemorrhagic fever and shock syndrome
4TBS MuthunayakaProf. WD RatnasooriyaAssessment of potential health benefits of Sri Lankan low grown Orange Pekoe grade black tea by studying some bioactivities
5WPKM AbeysekaraDr GAS Premakumara

Prof WD Ratnasooriya

Assessment of potential health benefits of Sri Lankan cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum Blume) by studying selected bio activities.
6BTJ PereraProf DN de  SilvaImpacts of water management activities for irrigation development and the composition and abundance of the zooplankton of selected lentic water bodies of the lower Walave  Basin, Sri Lanka
7Ravindra JayaratneProf S Kotagama

Prof Devaka Weerakoon

Dr IC Perera

Assessment of atmospheric toxics/pollutants in food chains using bird feathers as bio-indicators
8HAVAK  FernandoProf  S Premawansa

Dr MR Wijesingha

Dr CD Dangalla

Dr IC Perera

Ecotoxicity of chromium on eliciting histopathological, haematological and genotoxic effects in selected faunal species in Sri Lanka
9U A JayawardenaProf  PV Udagama              

Dr DD Wickramasinghe              Prof W D Ratnasooriya

Study of toxic effects of heavy metals, cadmium and Chromium as xenobiotics on Euphlyctis hexadactylus (Indian green frog) in a polluted urban wetland in Sri Lanka
10H M C K  KanatiwelaProf  PV Udagama                

Dr Rohana Wijesekara     

Prof  Matthew Dickinson

Development of Immunological and Molecular biological diagnostic methods for Weligama Coconut Leaf Wilt Disease (WCLWD) associated phytoplasma
11K V K GunathilakeProf  PV Udagama           

Prof W D Ratnasooriya

Immunomodulatory activities of a few selected Sri Lankan marine sponges, Ascidians and Corallimorphs
12M.R.M.P. NandasenaProf WD Ratnasooriya

Prof  WB Yapa

Prof  Sabine Schmidt

A comparative study of distribution and diet in two sympatric false vampire bat species, Megaderma  lyra  and Megaderma spasma  in Sri Lanka and an investigation of the  social behaviour of M. lyra in natural conditions.
13Daminda SumanapalaProf  S Kotagama

Dr DAC Silva

Dr Priyan Perera

Ecotourism in Sri Lanka and its impact on communities and  biodiversity
14DDJN PereraProf S. Kotagama

Dr Eben Goodale

Dr David King

Ranging ecology and and vocalisation of members of mixed species bird flocks of Sinharaja WHR
15Saman GamageProf S KotagamaReview of taxonomy, distribution and abundance of Loris
16M. S. KanakaratneProf  YNA Jayathunga

Dr N Pallewatha

Scientific research on water quality insect diversity on selected tea estates
17NL DangampolaProf  S Kotagama

Dr Eben Goodale

Dr David King

Habitat specific abundance, habitat selection, survival and  mixed species  flock  habitat association  of Kashmir Flycatcher (Ficedula subrubra) in Sri lanka
18N.D.S GoonawardhanaDr Neil D. Fernandopulle

Prof  Preethi Udugama
Dr Ruwan Illeperuma

Development of mini-STRs to enhance sensitivity and amplification efficiency of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) to aid in the analysis of degraded DNA evidence in Sri Lankan case work