Keynote/Invited Speakers

Prof. John Emerson

Keynote Speaker
Professor of Statistics, Adjunct/ Director of Graduate Studies,
Yale University

Jay Emerson is Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Statistics and Data Science at Yale University. His academic work has included Bayesian change point analysis, statistics in sports, computational statistics and graphics, and environmental science. He is the lead statistician of the Yale Environmental Performance Index, and is working to apply similar rigor to the analysis of ESG metrics for applications in finance.

Prof. Bibhas Chakraborty

Guest Speaker
Associate Professor
Centre for Quantitative Medicine and Program in Health Services and Systems Research
Duke-NUS Medical School

Bibhas Chakraborty is an Associate Professor and Ex-Director of the Centre for Quantitative Medicine at the Duke-National University of Singapore Medical School (Duke-NUS), as well as an Associate Professor of Statistics and Applied Probability at the National University of Singapore. He also holds an Adjunct Associate Professor position at the Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics at Duke University. Previously (2009-13), he was an Assistant Professor of Biostatistics at Columbia University. He completed his Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Michigan, under the supervision of Prof. Susan A. Murphy in 2009. He is the recipient of the Calderone Research Prize for Junior Faculty from Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health in 2011, and the Young Statistical Scientist Award from the International Indian Statistical Association (IISA) in 2017. His core areas of research include statistical reinforcement learning, precision medicine, dynamic treatment regimens, mobile/digital health, adaptive clinical trial designs, and a variety of applications in clinical and behavioral sciences. He wrote the first textbook on dynamic treatment regimens.