Post Conference Virtual Workshops

Two virtual post-conference workshops are organized as a part of the ICDS 2021 conference events for those who are interested in the areas of machine learning and deep learning. Both workshops will be conducted by experts in Data Science who have experience in academia or industry. These workshops are designed to give its participants a dive into both theory and practical applications of the specified areas.

1. WORKSHOP on Essentials of Decision Trees in Machine Learning

30th June 2021 from 9 am - 12 noon (IST) via Zoom

What will be covered?

  1. Introduction to decision trees
  2. Basic concepts of regression trees and classification trees
  3. Tree building algorithms
  4. Overfitting of decision trees
  5. Tree pruning
  6. Basics concepts of Bagging
  7. Basics concepts of Random Forest


Knowledge and Skills

  • Basic knowledge in Statistics
  • Intermediate R

Software and hardware

  • RStudio

Resource Person:

Dr. G.P.Lakraj
Senior Lecturer
Department of Statistics, University of Colombo

First come first serve. Send in your application for registration.

Registration Deadline: 20th June 2021
Workshop Fee: 2500 LKR

2. WORKSHOP on Introduction to Deep Learning

30th June 2021 from 1 pm - 4 pm (IST) via Zoom

What will be covered?

  1. Demand for AI in industry
  2. Foundations and mathematics of Deep Learning
      • Neural network Architecture
      • Mechanics of forward and backward propagation
      • Optimizers
      • Practical Implementations
      • Roadmap for further study


Knowledge and Skills:-

    • Basic linear algebra and calculus
      1. Vector and Matrix multiplication, matrix invertibility and dot product
      2. Familiarity with derivatives and integration (eg:Chain rule)
    • Intermediate Python
      1. Experience with Pandas
      2. Numpy
      3. Working with functions
      4. Generic Python operations
      5. Preliminary exploration of Keras (Highly recommended)[RJ1]

Software and Hardware:-

    • You only need a google account and a good internet connection !!!
    • All codes will be run on Google Colab

Resource Persons:

Gamika Seneviratne
Assistant Director
Investment Research
Acuity Knowledge Partners

Devin Kandage
Senior Associate
Quantitative Research
Acuity Knowledge Partners

First come first serve.

Since prerequisites are important to follow the workshop and to get the maximum benefit, participants will be screened. Please send your application for the workshop by filing the following online form. Suitable applicants will be informed of the registration process within 1- 2 days after receiving the application.

Registration Deadline: 20th June 2021
Workshop Fee: 2500 LKR