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Conducted by the Center for Immunology & Molecular Biology (CIMB) Department of Zoology and Environment Sciences University of Colombo

The Advanced Certificate Course in Immunology and Molecular Biology is an introductory course that combines the essence of two rapidly developing fields to assist those who wish to acquire a solid biomedical basis for their future secondary or tertiary (undergraduate) studies or related careers.

The course has two core elements. The branch consisting of Immunology is designed to provide the essential theoretical basis for understanding the immune system, its functions and the complex interplay between immunity and health in the light of immune protection and dysregulation. The branch of Molecular Biology, on the other hand, attempts to capture the essentials in Molecular Biology that provides new insights into the nature of genes and proteins and how they control the phenotype of the entire organism through a fine network of regulatory molecules. A sound understanding of Molecular Biology is the basis of acquiring a versatile set of tools not only to explore, but also to manipulate the components in mainstream biology, medicine, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, and the environment at large.

Thus, the Advanced Certificate Course in Immunology and Molecular Biology will prepare those who seek careers in the field of Biomedical Sciences to successfully achieve their future goals. The course is taught entirely in the online mode and is delivered by experts in the two fields. All lectures will be integrated with discussions, tutorials, quizzes etc. and will be combined with regular feedback sessions to promote a holistic and productive learning experience.


Five passes in the GCE Ordinary Level; including Science and English


Saturday, March 2, 2024


Registration form here

Application deadline: Feb 24, 2024

Course Fees

Local participants - 15,000 LKR

Foreign participants - 100 USD

*Installment plan is available upon request

Payment Details

  • Direct bank deposit/online

Bank: Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC
Branch: Reid Avenue
Account name: Colombo Science and Technology Cell
Account No: 1116016487

Please write “AdCERT_IMB_2024_Intake 01" under the description section of the bank payment slip/online.

Please upload a scanned copy of the bank slip or the e-receipt in the registration form as proof of payment.

Payment can be made at any Commercial Bank branch.

For whom?

Those who:

  • are interested in pursuing future studies in biomedical sciences
  • wish to seek career opportunities in medical laboratory diagnostics
  • wish to complement their knowledge in classical biology with more modern topics (E.g. Advanced Level Biology teachers, researchers who are new to immunology and molecular biology etc.)
  • wish to supplement their existing knowledge in biology (Eg: Advanced Level Biology students, Medical Lab Technicians etc.)

Course objective

To provide a sound theoretical basis of the fundamental concepts and applications of immunology, gene regulation and molecular biological applications.

Intended learning outcomes

At the end of the course students will be able to:

  • comprehend the principles underpinning immune mechanisms that protect the body from infection
  • recognize occasions and mechanism underlying malfunctioning of the immune system
  • understand strategies of vaccination
  • describe the central dogma of molecular biology
  • understand the molecular basis of mutations
  • discuss the role of mutations in human genetic disorders and evolution
  • describe recombinant DNA technology and its applications
  • identify the principles behind DNA analysis techniques and its applications in the Biomedical field

Course structure

The course will be conducted virtually on Saturdays from 9.00 am-1.00 pm. The course duration is 12 weeks.

Course Content

Module 1: Immunology

Cells and organs of the immune system, Innate immunity, Cytokines and complement proteins, Adaptive immunity, Antigens and antibodies, Hypersensitivity, Immunodeficiency, Autoimmunity, and Vaccination

Module 2: Molecular Biology

Molecular basis of genetic material, Gene replication and repair mechanisms, Gene expression and protein synthesis, Mutations, genetic disorders and evolution, DNA isolation, visualization, and analysis techniques, Recombinant DNA technology and its applications

Assessment criteria

Continuous assessments will be conducted online using two modes;

  • Online MCQ exams – 70%
  • Online assignments – 30%

Those who fail to complete the online assessments will be issued a “certificate of participation”


Following grades will be awarded upon the successful completion of the assessments.


–        Honours (H)


–        Meritorious (M)


–        Satisfactory (S)


–        Unsatisfactory (U)

Certificate Awarding Criteria

An e-certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the course with ≥80% of attendance and a ≥50% score obtained on evaluation.

Further Information

For more inquires please contact


Telephone: (+94) +70 569 4265