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Welcome to the Department of Zoology and Environment Sciences

The Department offers teaching and research excellence in Zoology, Ecology, Evolution, Environment Sciences, Immunology, and Molecular Biology. We pride ourselves in being the oldest Department of Zoology in Sri Lanka and on having exceptional academics on our staff. We promote student centric learning, while nurturing budding talent and grooming humane, competent local and global citizens. The Department offers a comprehensive programme for students entering the Faculty of Science, which embodies the subject areas of Zoology, Environmental Sciences, Immunology and Molecular Biology, and Business & Environment. The programme is so designed not only to provide students with a sound knowledge in these subject areas but also offers opportunities to develop and improve their communication and other generic skills that would support personality development and thus increase their employability.

Come join the next generation of Zoologists, Immunologists, Molecular Biologists, Environmentalists, Academics, Teachers, Researchers, Policy makers, Entrepreneurs etc.!

Department of Zoology and Environment Sciences
University of Colombo
PO Box 1490
Colombo 00300
Sri Lanka

+94 011-250 3399
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Prof. Preethi Udagama
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