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Welcome to the Department of Mathematics

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics at University of Colombo. Here you will find information on the department’s undergraduate and graduate programs, course offerings, faculty research interests, facilities and departmental events.

The Department of Mathematics has been an integral part of the Sri Lankan University system since its inception in 1921 and is one of the most prestigious and well-recognized mathematics departments of the present-day university system. Until 1967 when the University of Colombo was formed, the Department of Mathematics served both the Science and the Arts Faculties. Mathematics Honours Classes were held from as early as 1922. The department has been housed in the central building of the University, the old Royal College building, since the acquisition of it in 1923.

The department conducts five undergraduate programs that lead to the BSc Honours degrees (BSc in Mathematics, BSc in Applied Mathematics, BSc in Computational Mathematics, BSc in Mathematical Finance, BSc in Finance and Insurance), two postgraduate programs that lead to the MSc degrees (MSc in Financial Mathematics, MSc in Mathematics Education) and one external program that lead to the BSc in Financial Engineering. Further, the Department of Mathematics enrolls students to pursue MPhil and PhD degrees under the supervision of senior academics of the department.

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