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Welcome to the ITSC

IT Serices Centre (ITSC) is a centre within the Faculty of Science that is responsible for providing IT support and services to students, staff, and faculty. The specific responsibilities and activities of the centre may vary depending on the needs and resources of the Faculty and the University. The following are the routine activities taken care by the ITSC;

  1. Managing and offering courses for the IT-related degree programmes of the faculty

  2. Managing and maintaining the faculty's IT infrastructure, including servers, networking equipment, and other hardware

  3. Providing training and support for software and applications used by the faculty

  4. Ensuring that the faculty's IT systems are secure and compliant with relevant laws and regulations

  5. Developing and implementing IT policies and procedures for the faculty

  6. Provide access to the computation power required for research and development

  7. Develop software tools to support administrative activities

The ITSC also work closely with the network operations centre (NOC) to bring down the ICT related services and platform provided by the University.

Student Services Centre

Faculty of Science

University of Colombo

PO Box 1490

Colombo 00300

Sri Lanka

Phone: +94 11 215 8409

Prof Hiran H E Jayaweera

Deputy Director/Academic
Dr Dilruk Gallage

Deputy Director/Research
Dr Monika Madhavi

Deputy Director/Services
Dr Dharshani Bandupriya

This programme takes an integrated approach to provide students with a broad knowledge in Information Technology (industry oriented) experience. The programme was designed with the help of experts from industry.