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From Senior Professors to undergraduates, all members of the Faculty of Science are engaged in creating new knowledge

FOS Research Culture

Active engagement in research is the single most important contribution a University can offer to its community. Faculty of Science is in the forefront of knowledge generation and innovation through research in Sri Lanka. Here, students, staff and the community come together in a conducive environment with free thinking space to solve problems, innovate and to advance science.

Research Stories

A Healthy Glass of Water Against the Silent Killer

A common yet despairing phrase among individuals, particularly in North Central Sri Lanka. Some of them might not know that the water they drink is contaminated with inorganic species such as heavy metals and fluoride, which is considered hazardous in many parts of the world. Chronic kidney disease with unknown etiology (CKDu), has become the silent killer that has perplexed the medical community.

A microbial bio-fertilizer to replace 50% urea usage in rice

Rice is a staple food for more than half of the world’s population. To obtain the required rice yields sufficient to feed the increasing world population, with the challenge of decreasing arable lands, increased productivity needs to be aimed at. 

Ethnic Reality of Sri Lankans: A Hidden Story Unravelled

How related are we to each other? Can we predict the kinship between two individuals no matter how distant and complex the relationship is? Are Sri Lankans truly one big family? How related are we to other nationalities? 


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Access cutting-edge innovation and expertise

Colombo Science and Technology Cell was established to promote and serve manufacturing and service industries as well as agriculture in Sri Lanka through research, development, innovation,scientific services and knowledge and technology transfer.

Earn a Research Degree

Research degrees considered as higher-level academic degrees as the candidates are driven by naturally inquiring minds or a passion to solve problems. A research degree gives candidates the opportunity to conduct their own research to create new knowledge. Therefore, each research degree is unique and differs from another. Each research degree graduate is equipped with the transferable skills essential for challenging and diverse roles in industry as well as in research and academic organizations. Faculty offers MPhil and PhD programs in a number of diverse disciplines.