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Offered by the Department of Statistics

The aim of BSc in Applied Data Analytics (External) degree programme is to produce excellent professional data analysts with the essential skills and knowledge in data collection, data management, data visualization, statistical modeling, and machine learning. The degree programme is based on three main areas: Statistics, Mathematics, and Information Technology. Students will be given hands-on experience of problem solving and data-driven decision making in this degree programme.


G.C.E. Advanced Level Examination (New syllabus) – Three passes in one sitting including Combined Mathematics or Higher Mathematics or Mathematics as a subject.
G.C.E. Advanced Level Examination (Old syllabus) – Three passes in one sitting including Applied Mathematics or Pure Mathematics as a subject.
Any other equivalent qualification acceptable to the faculty and the Senate.
*The candidates will be selected based on a screening test, followed by an interview.

Course Fees

LKR 200,000/- per year

Application Fee: LKR 3,000/-
*The course fee cannot be paid as installments

Information for 2024 Intake Applicants

Dates to be remembered:

  • Registration of 2024 intake at CCUC: December 2023
  • Inauguration of the program for 2024 intake: 28th of January 2024
  • Commencement of the program for 2024 intake: January 2024

For Any Inquiries:

Dr Dilshani Tissera
+94 776 087 856

Dates to be remembered (Intake 2025)

  • Calling online application for the 2025 intake: August 01, 2024
  • Application deadline for the 2025 intake: September 30, 2024
  • Interviews for the 2025 intake: October 20, 2024
  • Final list of the 2025 intake: October 30, 2024
  • Registration of 2025 intake at CCUC: December 2024
  • Inauguration of the program for 2025 intake: January 2025
  • Commencement of the program for 2025 intake: January 2025


With the vast amount of data collection that has taken place over the past decade, the importance of data and data analytics needs have emerged in every industry in the world. As a result, a rapid growth in the data related job market has been created allowing applied data analysts to play an integral part of many organizations. There are many career opportunities associated in this area such as Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Financial Analyst, Quantitative Analyst, and many more.
In order to cater to this demanding area, knowledge on various methods of collecting, managing and integrating data, using the data to extract insights with the use of various statistical methods and analytics, and using data for decision making of an industry are much needed. The Applied Data Analytics external degree programme is structured to provide this much needed knowledge, while creating many opportunities in the industry that encourages people to consider it an area worth learning.

Learning Outcomes of BSc in Applied Data Analytics

Upon successful completion of the 03 years (SLQF Level 5) BSc (External) Degree programme students will be able to

  • demonstrate the awareness of fundamental concepts and theories related to Data Analytics
  • identify real world problems which can be solved using appropriate techniques in data analysis
  • design and implement methods for data collection
  • apply appropriate data analysis techniques and utilize relevant software to organize, summarize and analyze the data in order to extract important information relevant to the problem
  • validate, summarize, interpret and communicate the results effectively both verbally and in writing
  • apply data driven approaches in real life decision making processes
  • formulate solutions thinking critically, creatively and globally
  • adapt to social, economic and technological new environments
  • demonstrate skills to plan, organize, review, monitor and evaluate independent lifelong learning for continuous self and professional development
  • demonstrate teamwork skills, social skills, and leadership skills
  • practice ethical standards and professional integrity

Programme Duration

The duration of the program is 3 years. During each year, the programme is conducted over 2 semesters of 20 weeks. 100% of lessons and discussions are conducted online during weekends (Saturday – 2 hours, Sunday – full day). However, in conducting examinations attendance may be necessary during a few Saturdays.

Applied Data Analytics Degree includes

  • Data Visualization
  • Probability & Statistics
  • Statistical Modeling
  • Machine Learning
  • Computational Application for Data Analysis
  • Statistical Software and Scientific Programming and many more….

Programme Structure

BSc in Applied Data Analytics will be completed in three years (90 Credits / SLQF Level 5) and it consists of three levels.

  • LEVEL I: Diploma in Applied Data Analytics (30 Credits)
  • LEVEL II: Advanced Diploma in Applied Data Analytics (60 Credits)
  • LEVEL III: BSc in Applied Data Analytics (90 Credits)

More details and set of courses can be found in the course catalogue.

Mode of Learning

The courses are designed including both theory and practical. All the courses will be managed through the Learning Management System (EDP_LMS) for enhancing the learning experience. Each student will be allowed to access lecture materials and learning activities maintained on the EDP_LMS. Additional online discussion classes will be held at regular intervals for students to interact with the lecturers.

The medium of instruction, as well as that of assessments/examinations, shall be English, and the medium for correspondence shall also be English.

Evaluation Criteria

The theory course modules will be evaluated through written examinations and/or assignments where appropriate. Laboratory course modules will be evaluated by assignments and/or semester-end examinations. In some instances, course units may require a mixed-mode evaluation including continuous assessments.
Level Certificates/ Diploma/ Advanced Diploma and Degree awarding criteria can be found under the Degree-Awarding criteria.

Further Information

Further information regarding the Programme can be obtained by contacting the programme coordinators

Contact details of the programme coordinators are as follows.

Chairperson Board of Study/Program Coordinator


Coordinator/Student Affairs & QA


Coordinator/Learning Resources