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Certificate in Practical skills in Immunology and Molecular Biology

Conducted by the Centre for Immunology and Molecular Biology Department of Zoology & Environment Sciences Faculty of Science, University of Colombo

Course objective

To provide hands-on practical knowledge on the principle Immunological and Molecular Biological techniques.

Learning outcomes

  • Learning Immunological Techniques: understanding the application of immunological principles and antigen-antibody reactions, acquire the practical skills required for blood group typing, immunochromatography, ELISA, and Western blotting
  • Apply Immunodiagnostics: Apply gained knowledge and skills in immunodiagnostics to address real-world challenges in clinical and research settings
  • Execute Molecular Techniques: Gain practical experience in DNA extraction procedures for diverse applications, develop the ability to design, optimize, and perform PCR assays effectively, learn fundamental of sequencing techniques
  • Molecular Proficiency: Set up and interpret various gel electrophoresis protocols, learn the fundamentals needed to establish a PCR diagnostics laboratory, learn appropriate application of different PCR and sequencing techniques to solve real world situations

Registration link


32h (Two weekends)

Minimum entry requirement

Advanced Certificate course in Immunology and Molecular Biology
3 passes in GCE A/L or equivalent in the Biology stream

Course Fees

35,000/= per head

*A discount of Rs.5000 will be offered to those who have followed the Advanced Certificate Course of Immunology and Molecular Biology offered by the CIMB.

Payment Instructions

Payment method: Direct bank deposit/online

Beneficiary Name: Colombo Science and Technology Cell
Account No: 1116016487
Bank: Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC
Branch: Reid Avenue

* Please write  your name clearly in the deposit slip and “PRAC_IMB_2024_Intake 02" under the description section of the bank payment slip/online
* Payment can be made at any Commercial Bank branch.
* Please upload a scanned copy of the bank slip or the e-receipt as proof of payment

Course Content

  • Differential counting of WBC
  • Blood typing
  • Hemagglutination
  • Immunochromatography
  • Western blotting
  • Immunodiagnostic applications
  • DNA extraction
  • DNA/RNA quantification
  • PCR optimization
  • Agarose gel electrophoresis
  • Molecular diagnostic applications
  • Bacterial transformation
  • Nanopore sequencing

For whom

• interested in pursuing studies in biomedical sciences (undergraduates/ postgraduate students)
• who wish to seek career opportunities in medical laboratory diagnostics (E.g., Medical Lab Technicians etc.)
• who wish to supplement their existing knowledge in Immunology and Molecular Biology

Further Information

For more inquires please contact

Phone: +94770475402