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Offered by the Department of Plant Sciences

The Honours Degree Programme in Bioinformatics is offered for the first time in the country and provides training in analysis and management of biological data using information technology.

Entry Requirements

A minimum GPA of 3.00 for BT core courses taken within the first two years and combined GPA of 3.00 for CS 1101, CS 1102, and CS 2001 and at least a C grade for AM 1008 are required to be eligible for this programme.

Course Modules

(L – No. of Lecture hours, P – No. of Practical hours)

Level 3

Course Code Title No. of Credits No. of Hours
BT 3003 Plant Molecular Biology 2 30L
BT 3053 Introduction to Bioinformatics 2 15L 30P
CS 3101 Rapid Application Development & Visual Programming Technologies 3 30L 30P
CS 3120 Machine Learning and Neural Computing 3 30L 30P
CS 3008 Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms 3 30L 30P
IT 3003 Advanced Programming Techniques 3 30L 30P
BT 3063 Techniques in Molecular Biology 2 15L 30P
BT 3167 Phylogenetic Analysis 1 10L 10P
BT 3071 Experimental Design and Data Analysis 2 15L 30P
BT 3172 Special Topics in Bioinformatics 3 90P
ZL 3006 Molecular Biological and Immunological Applications 2 30L
IT 3002 Database Systems 3 30L 30P
BT 3074 Mathematics for Bioinformatics 1 15L

Level 4

Course Code Title No. of Credits No. of Hours
BT 4107 Trends in Plant Molecular Biology 3 45L
BT 4019 Statistical Methods in Bioinformatics 1 10L 10P
CS 4104 Data Analytics 3 30L 30P
CS 4128 Advanced Database management 3 30L 30P
MB 4003 Molecular Evolution, Modeling and Computer Based Drug Design 3 30L 30P
BT 4030 Literature Review and Seminar I 2 60P
BT 4032 Seminar II and Viva-voce 1 30P
BT 4033 Research Project in Bioinformatics 8 240P
CS 4115 Computational Biology 3 30L 30P
CS 4125 Logic Programming 3 30L 30P