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Offered by the Department of Zoology and Environment Sciences

BSc Honours programme in Environmental Science is a multi-disciplinary academic programme which focuses on physical, biological, socio-economic and other aspects of the environment. It provides the opportunity for students to gain an in-depth knowledge on an array of important topics covering natural resources, the causes and consequences of the human interaction with the environment, risk and impact assessment, and remedial measures. It is aimed at developing specialized students in the field who would have the capacity to face challenges in resolving any critical environmental issues and concerns.  The programme consists of course work, laboratory and field components that would help enhance both hard- and soft skills of the students.  The final year research project provides the opportunity for students to develop their capacity to work independently under proper guidance; this would help the students to improve their analytical skills and critical thinking ability, while opening a multitude of path/s toward interdisciplinary research approaches, future higher studies and career opportunities.

Degree Aims

  • Establish a strong background/ knowledge on important environment-related topics with regard to both theory and practice  
  • Develop skills and capacity required to face and resolve global and local environmental challenges
  • Enhance students’ analytical and critical thinking ability
  • Prepare students for a wide array of careers ranging from research to teaching, policy making to public outreach, enterprises and entrepreneurship  to  corporate planning
  • Develop a team of specialized students well-suited for pursuing higher studies or career paths in any local or foreign setting

Entry Requirements

GPA of 3.00 for EN 1008 and EN 2008 and GPA  of 2.67 for core courses of either ZL, BT or CH are required to be eligible to apply for this programme.

Course Modules

(L – No. of Lecture hours, P – No. of Practical hours)

Level 3

Semester I

Course Code Title No. of Credits No. of Hours
EN 3050 Hydrology and Water Management 2C 15L 30P
CH 3010 Environmental Chemistry 2C 30L
EN 3019 Climate Change 3C 30L 30P
EN 3061 Environment Resource Management I 3C 30L 30P
EN 3001 Environmental Science Seminar 1C 15L
EN 3014 Natural Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience 3C 30L 30P
EN 3002 Current Environmental Issues 1C 15L

Semester II

Course Code Title No. of Credits No. of Hours
ZL 3069 Fundamentals of Conservation Biology and Wildlife Management 3C 30L 30P
EN 3062 Environment Resource Management II 2C 15L 30P
EN 3051 Environmental Modeling 2C 15L 30P
ZL 3075 Ecotoxicology 3C 30L 30P
EN 3052 Instrumentation and Analytical Techniques in Environmental Science 1C 30P
ZL 3080 Bioethics 1C 15L
EN 3065 Landscape Ecology /td> 3C 30L 30P

Level 4

Semester I

Course Code Title No. of Credits No. of Hours
EN 4001 Greener cities and sustainable livelihoods 1C 15L
ZL 4051 Research methods, project development & statistics 2C 30L
EN 4002 Research Project in Environmental Sciences 8C 240P
EN 4003 Sustainability Tools for Greening Industry 1C 15L
ZL 4021 Tools of Environmental Management and Assessment 3C 30L 30P
FS 4008 Environmental Economics 3C 30L 30P
EN 4004 Environmental Entrepreneurship and innovations 2C 15L 30P
EN 4005 Pollution and Environmental health 1C 15L
EN 4006 GIS and Remote Sensing 2C 15L 30P

Semester II

Course Code Title No. of Credits No. of Hours
EN 4007 Nuclear Technology and Environment 2C 15L 30P
EN 4023 Environmental Policies, Legislations and Administration 2C 30L
EN 4009 Waste and Wastewater Management 3C 30L 30P