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BSc Honours in Nuclear Technology

Offered by the Department of Nuclear Science

The main objective of the programme is to provide an overall knowledge and practical skills in Nuclear technology which includes medical physics, nuclear medicine, radiochemistry, environmental radiation and nuclear analytical techniques. During the final year the students will have industrial or clinical practice in a relevant institute or major hospital in Colombo where they acquire to carry out a research project related to the field which enables the student to combine the theory with the technology. At the end of this training program the students are required to submit a thesis based on their research project.

Scopes of this degree program is to produce graduates with sound knowledge in all fields of Nuclear Science while promoting research and developments on environmental radiation radiochemical analysis and medical physics in Sri Lanka. In addition, this degree will provide the basic knowledge and skills for those who plan for postgraduate degrees on medical physics and nuclear sciences.

Degree Aims

  • Explain the importance of nuclear science and Apply nuclear sciences for different fields of industries and services
  • Discuss the advantages and limitations of nuclear techniques compared to other alternative techniques
  • Apply the knowledge of nuclear science to solve current environmental, health and economical issues

Entry Requirements

Eligibility: A minimum GPA of 2.50 at the end of Level II for all registered academic courses

Course Modules

(L – No. of Lecture hours, P – No. of Practical hours, O – Optional, X – Compulsory)

Level 3

Semester I

Course Code Title No. of Credits No. of Hours
NS 3017 Applied Nuclear Science 3C 30L 30P X
NS 3901 Radiobiology 3C 45L X
NS 3902 Nuclear Power 3C 45L X
NS 3903 Environmental Radiation 3C 30L 30P X
NS 3904 Mathematics for Nuclear Science 3C 30L 30P X

Semester II

Course Code Title No. of Credits No. of Hours
NS 3019 Medical Physics 3C 45L X
NS 3905 Radiation Protection 3C 45L X
PH 3004 Nuclear Physics 3C 45L X
NS 3906 Nuclear Techniques in Biology 3C 30L 30P X

Level 4

Semester I

Course Code Title No. of Credits No. of Hours
NS 4901 Nuclear Electronics 3C 30L 30P X
NS 4902 Ethics 2C 30L X
NS 4903 Nuclear Regulations 2C 30L X
NS 4904 Radiochemical Methods 3C 30L 30P X
NS 4006 Seminar & Essay 3C 90P X
NS 4905 Non Destructive Testing 3C 30L 30P X
NS 4906 Nuclear Technology in Physical Science 2C 30L X

Semester II

Course Code Title No. of Credits No. of Hours
NS 4908 Industrial Training 6C 180P X
NS 4909 Industry Oriented Research Project 6C 180P X