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Offered by the Department of Chemistry

BSc Honors Degree in Pharmacy is a comprehensive programme built on a strong foundation of basic sciences. Natural science subjects such as physical, organic, inorganic, and analytical chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, plant science, and zoology are covered during the first two years. Specialization in pharmacy subjects are covered during the third and the fourth years. The programme covers more than 120 credit hours. This is an interfaculty programme in which several medical science based subjects are covered by the Department of Pharmacology of the Faculty of Medicine. The Medical Faculty exposure firmly orient students in becoming pharmacists knowledgeable in ethics, attitudes and commitment required of a pharmacy professional. The final year research project related to pharmacy helps them to become familiar with the research methodologies useful in future research work. Therefore, the graduates are able to build upon the new advances in the science and practice of pharmacy. The subjects taught in the third and the fourth years are an apt reflection of the scope of the pharmacy subject areas. The graduates are employed in diverse manufacturing and licensed service sectors in pharmacy, some as academics in local and foreign universities and have earned their Masters and PhD degrees.

The six months internship programme (optional) covers many of the premier health sector organizations of the country and entitles them for a Certificate of Participation.The graduates are eligible for the Certificate of Registration to practice as a Pharmacist from the Sri Lanka Medical Council. Pharmacy graduates are now recruited to the Ministry of Health. With such an area of academic and practical training, the graduates are destined to become medicines experts serving the other healthcare professionals and the patients.

Degree Aims

  • To produce pharmacy graduates with a comprehensive knowledge in drug actions, dosage design, extemporaneous preparations, chemistry related to pharmaceuticals, medicines analysis, research and development underpinned with a sound understanding of regulatory requirements.
  • To impart management and administrative skills required in manning retail pharmacies, pharmaceutical production facilities, storage and distribution of pharmaceuticals based on ethics in line with Codes of Professional Conduct.
  • To prepare graduates for lifelong learning and to professionally evolve keeping abreast with new advances in pharmaceutical sciences and practices and to encourage post graduate studies in Masters and PhD degrees.
  • To interpret and evaluate prescriptions, appropriately advice patients and other healthcare professionals on the correct use of medicines and to participate in research methodologies related to patient populations, preventive care, epidemics and non-communicable diseases.

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for this programme, a student must obtain a GPA of 3.00 for CH core courses and a minimum C grade each for ZL 2010 and AM 1008.
Selection: Total weighted mark obtained for CH core courses

Course Modules

Level III and Level IV Course Units Offered by The Department of Chemistry and The Faculty of Medicine for Special Degree in Pharmacy [Bachelor of Science honours in Pharmacy – SLQF6]

(L – No. of Lecture hours, P – No. of Practical hours)

Level 3

Course Code Title No. of Credits No. of Hours
CH 3001 Topics in Analytical Chemistry I 2 30L
CH 3004 Laboratory Management 1 15L
CH 3008 Quality Management 1 15L
CH 3021 Spectroscopy 3 45L
CH 3024 Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2 30L
CH 3033 Chemistry of Biomolecules 3 45L
CH 3054 Nutritional and Clinical Biochemistry 2 30L
CH 3071 Pharmaceutics I 3 45L
CH 3073 Anatomy and Physiology 3 45L
CH 3074 Pharmacology I 3 45L
CH 3075 Practical Pharmacy 8 240P
CH 3076 Microbiology in Pharmacy 2 30L

Level 4

Course Code Title No. of Credits No. of Hours
CH 4001 Research project 8 240P
CH 4002 Seminar and Essay 3 90P
CH 4070 Pharmaceutics II 3 45L
CH 4071 Pharmacology II 3 45L
CH 4073 Advanced Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2 30L
CH 4074 Quality Control, Statistics and Computer Applications 3 45L
CH 4075 Pharmaceutical Law and Ethics 2 30L
CH 4076 Pharmaceutical Management and Administration 3 45L
CH 4077 Pharmacy Practice 2 60P
CH 4078 Pharmacognosy in pharmacy 2 30L