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Diploma in Microbiological Techniques

Offered by the Department of Plant Sciences

Microbiology is a multifaceted discipline playing an integral role in our day to day lives. Microbiological techniques provide a basic platform to learn culturing, handling, identifying, manipulating, etc. of microorganisms which have become essential tools in a variety of disciplines such as medicine, agriculture, biotechnology and in food and beverages & pharmaceutical industry. The credibility of an industrial process relies mainly on the reliability of the process and competency and education of an employee. The industrial sector is increasingly aware of the benefits of being proving their credibility in an increasingly competitive business environment. This necessitates employing a properly trained, skilful and knowledgeable workforce. Hence, this programme is designed to produce high caliber employees, specially trained to meet up to date requirements in microbiological techniques of many of the biotechnology, agricultural, pharmaceutical, healthcare and food and beverage based industries.


Candidates possessing,

At least three passes in one sitting with biology as a subject at GCE A/L Examination (in its present format)

At least four passes in one sitting with Botany as a subject at GCE A/L Examination (in its earlier format)

Candidates who have passed the GCE O/L Examination with at least a credit pass in Science and having at least one year of relevant industrial/ research experiences, which are acceptable to the Senate.

Registration for 2020 intake

The programme is not yet advertised for the 2020 intake.

Programme Duration

The duration of the course will be 12 months (part-time) including the periods of study leave and examinations. The courses will be conducted on weekends. The maximum period allowed to complete the Diploma will be eighteen months from the date of registration.


The programme is designed,

  • To enhance knowledge on theoretical and practical aspects of microbiological techniques.
  • To develop high level of skills in microbial techniques.
  • To provide essential training to work in a range of microbiology-based industries.
  • To provide an understanding on the application of quality management systems in a microbiology laboratory setting.

Target Group

  • Personnel already engaged in microbiological analysis in private/public sector laboratories.
  • Personnel intending to pursue a career in microbiology related work.

Program Structure

The programme shall consists of six modules, each having lectures and practical sessions in accordance with the credit value specified for a particular module. In a theory module, fifteen lecture hours of instruction is considered as one credit and in the practical components, thirty hours of work is considered as one credit. The total number of modules is 06 which is equivalent to 12 credits.

Course Modules

Course Code Name Credits
DMT 01 Microbial Life 2C
DMT 02 Fundamentals of Plant Pathology 2C
DMT 03 Environmental Microbiology 2C
DMT 04 Basic Food Microbiology 2C
DMT 05 Laboratory Management and Quality Assurance 2C
DMT 06 Microbial biotechnology 2C


There will be three papers and each paper will consist of two separate components:
A written theory paper and A corresponding practical assessment.

  • Paper 1: DMT 01 and DMT 02 (4C)
  • Paper 2: DMT 03 and DMT 04 (4C)
  • Paper 3: DMT 05 and DMT 06 (4C)

Examination Criteria

The Diploma in Microbial Techniques will be awarded to candidates who obtain a minimum GPA of 2.0, as described in the Guidelines for Diploma Programmes conducted by the Faculty of Science in 2007.

Repeat Examination  
A candidate who fails to satisfy above examination criteria will be permitted to sit such papers only once at the next available occasion in order to obtain a minimum GPA of 2.0 to satisfy the requirements of the Diploma.

Further Information

Further information regarding the Diploma Program can be obtained by contacting the programme coordinator.

Contact details of the programme coordinators are as follows.

Intake Coordinator Email Phone No.
2020 Dr. C M Nanayakkara 94 11 258 5038