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Evaluation Procedure

Grading System for Academic Courses

Academic courses may be evaluated by theory/practical examinations (mid semester, end of semester or continuous), assignments, reports, presentations and oral examinations or a combination of any of the above. The method of evaluation of courses will be announced by the relevant academic Departments at the beginning of each semester.

Unless otherwise approved by the Faculty Board, marks obtained for the academic courses are graded according to the standard grading scheme given below. For each course for which a student sits an examination, a final grade will be assigned. Each grade carries a Grade Point Value (GPV) as specified in the table below. The academic transcript of a student includes the grades obtained for all the courses taken by him/her together with their respective credit ratings but not the actual marks.

Range of Marks Grade Grade Point Value (GPV) Attainment
85 - 100 A+ 4.00 Superior
70 - 84 A 4.00
65 - 69 A- 3.70
60 - 64 B+ 3.30 Meritorious
55 - 59 B 3.00
50 - 54 B- 2.70
45 - 49 C+ 2.30 Adequate
40 - 44 C 2.00
35 - 39 C- 1.70
30 - 34 D+ 1.30 Minimal
25 - 29 D 1.00
00 - 24 E 0.00 Failure

Grade Point Average (GPA)

When calculating the Grade Point Average (GPA), all courses are weighted according to their corresponding credit values. GPA is computed to the second decimal place. Grades of all registered academic courses in a study programme are taken into account when calculating the GPA, except the grade earned for the industrial training component in the 04-year BSc Honours degree programme with industrial orientation. The non-GPA credits of the industrial training component, however, will count towards the total number of credits earned by a student.

Completion of a Course

Students must participate in and complete all the assessment procedures for each course for which he/she has registered and obtain a final grade for it to be considered as complete.

If the student is absent for the final examination of a course, AB (Absent) shall be assigned instead of a grade. If a student does not complete any or all assessment procedures of a course and has not repeated them thereafter, the course shall be considered as incomplete, and NC (Not Complete) shall be assigned. This shall be changed to the “earned” grade once the student has completed the course.

Minimum Academic Achievement to Progress to the Next Level

A student should obtain C grades or better aggregating to a minimum of 15 academic credits per year in Levels I, II and III, to move to the next Level. If a student fails to obtain this minimum achievement, he/she will not be permitted to register for courses in the next Level until this requirement has been fulfilled.

Grading System for Enhancement Courses

Enhancement courses carry only a letter grade as specified below and do not carry a Grade Point Value. For non-sports courses the range of marks corresponding to various letter grades are given in the table below. For courses associated with various sports, the corresponding descriptors will be used.

Marks range/ Descriptor Letter grade Attainment
70 - 100
Exceptional performance including participation at national level
H Honours
55 - 69
Above-average performance including participation at inter-university level
M Meritorious
40 - 54
Minimum level of acceptable achievement or participation
S Satisfactory
0 - 39
Unacceptable level of achievement or participation
U Unsatisfactory
Withdrawal W

For the 03-year and 04-year degree programmes a student is required to obtain a grade of S or better for a minimum of four credits from enhancement courses in order to complete the requirements of the degree.