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About the Career Guidance Unit

Today academic knowledge singlehandedly does not suffice to grow and excel in professional and personal life. Therefore, career and personal development are essential aspects of undergraduate training.

It is important that our graduates not only be academically and technically sound, but also have the knowhow in other personality fronts. Thus, it is essential to develop transferable/life skills, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of undergraduates that would eventually lead to both their professional and personal success.


  • Helping students to profile oneself and realize ones true potential within the realm of their personality.
  • Creating an environment where students identify personality developments in themselves in relations to professional expectations.
  • Introducing the students to the world of work and its dynamics.
  • Help the students transform ones academically strengthened knowledge to suit industry and academia.
  • Help develop a robust career/life plan for one self and make the right decisions in life.