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The vision of the CMM is to become an internationally acclaimed centre of excellence for cutting-edge and ground-breaking research that is aimed at providing innovative solutions to the real-life problems with a timely significance.


The mission of the CMM is to promote and widen the use of mathematical modelling as a robust and intriguing tool for enhancing the quality and rigour of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research projects. To provide the required guidance, training, and resources in order to empower scholarly research work and increase external funding of research programmes through grants and scholarships.


  • To strengthen the interaction and collaboration among multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary researchers.
  • To create opportunities for research based PhD/MPhil degree programmes.
  • To promote inter-department, inter-faculty, and inter-university collaboration in research.
  • To seek for international collaboration in research undertaken locally.
  • To provide ample leadership for mathematical modelling in a wide range of disciplines.