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Workshop / Special Session

Mini Symposium: Special Session on Quantum Computing

Quantum computers have provided promising solutions to several hard mathematical problems, which are intractable on even the most powerful classical computers. Being a highly cross-disciplinary field, quantum computing has drawn the attention of mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists and engineers.

The objectives of the special session on quantum computing in ICMAS 2021 are two-fold. It provides a platform for quantum computing researchers to share their recent results. Meanwhile, it is aimed at educating and facilitating the enthusiasts with the fundamentals and primary experience on using quantum computing platforms.

Accordingly, the Special Session on Quantum Computing consists of a mini-symposium with invited speeches and paper presentations, together with a workshop on quantum computing.

Organizer: The Research and Development Center for Mathematics Modeling in collaboration with Faculty of Science, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Date: 24th – 26th Nov 2021

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Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Quantum circuits and gates

Quantum walks

Adiabatic quantum computing

Quantum annealing

Quantum information

Fault-tolerant quantum computation

Post-quantum cryptography

Quantum complexity theory

Submission of Papers

Invited Speakers

Prof. Jingbo Wang

Department of Physics,
University of Western Australia

Prof. Michael Dinneen

School of Computer Science,
University of Auckland

Workshop on Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is not any longer a concept and it has become a reality. Many industries are moving into the new tendency and relying on quantum computers for promising solutions to large-scale problems, making it the newest trend in the data sciences. Getting used to a quantum computer is thus a great idea. Further, no one may ‘buy’ a quantum computer to do quantum computing, there are several platforms available, facilitating the quantum programmers. The training session is thus particularly aimed at enthusiastic individuals with mathematics or IT background, who would like to get their first experience with a quantum computer.

The exact date of the workshop will be announced soon.

Resource Persons

Department of Mathematics,
University of Colombo

Department of Physics,
University of Colombo