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Conference Track - D

TRACK D: Science & Mathematics Education: Challenges and Opportunities

University of Colombo, celebrates 100 years of establishing the Ceylon University College (CUC) the pioneer institution of modern Universities in Sri Lanka. One of the mandated activities at the inception of CUC in 1921 was the promotion of teacher education in Mathematics & Science. Keeping with its tradition, University of Colombo continues to play a major role in promoting teacher education through its degree programs and outreach efforts. The renewed interest in the national educational reforms and in particular uplifting quality of teacher education and educational research for informed policy decisions remain paramount.

This international conference has been organized to create a forum for educational researchers, teachers in secondary, tertiary and higher education, and decision makers in respective national institutions of education to gather to a single forum and exchange and share their experiences spanning across a variety of fields related to Mathematics & Science education. We hope this would no doubt create an ideal platform to promote a research ecosystem enabling collaboration to face the frontiers of Mathematics & Science education in Sri Lanka and beyond. Scholarly work under the following topics will be considered;


The topics of interest include, but not limited to, the following:

Conducting science labs under the new normal

Active learning in online classes

Teaching as Research

Student engagement strategies

Assessment and feedback

Student centred learning

Blended learning

Qualitative classroom research

Teaching large classes (higher education)