The Department of Mathematics has been an integral part of the Sri Lankan University system since its inception in 1921 and is one of the most prestigious and well recognized mathematics departments of the present day university system. Until 1967 when the University of Colombo was formed, the Department of Mathematics served both the Science and the Arts Faculties. Mathematics Honours Classes were held from as early as 1922. The department has been housed in the central building of the University, the old Royal College building, since its take over in 1923.Mathematics, both an art and a science, provides essential tools for the advancement of many areas in the sciences, engineering, finance and economics. Pure Mathematics lies at its heart and is a core subject of human thought. It teaches logical and abstract thinking which is essential to form a sound basis for learning. Therefore Mathematics plays a crucial role in education at the primary and secondary levels. At the tertiary level a basic knowledge of Mathematics is essential for every graduate in pursuing a successful career in today’s society. In view of this, the department strives to design its curricula and organize its services and activities to realize the full potential of the mathematical ability of its students and staff.

Vision :

To be a department that is recognized nationally and internationally as a centre of excellence in teaching and research in Mathematics at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Mission :

To deliver high quality undergraduate, graduate and professional programs in Mathematics, and produce graduates and post-graduates who can think critically and mathematically.