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The Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Colombo is a well-established unit in the Faculty of Science and enjoys a reputation for maintaining high academic standards in the discipline. Formerly known as the Department of Botany, the name was changed recently to ‘Plant Sciences’ in order to reflect more clearly, the changes that the department has effected to the courses that it offers. While still covering areas that come within the traditional boundaries of the subject ‘Botany’, the department has taken a conscious effort to include in its teaching programs, courses that cover the newest developments in the field.

In addition, the department caters the research & development needs of the industrial sector through the science & technology cell of the Faculty of Science, University of Colombo.

Department of Plant Sciences

Academic Programme

Undergraduate Programme (BSc Degree / BSc Honours)

The Department of Plant Sciences offers courses for students opting for the BSc Programme (3-year duration). They have the opportunity to select courses that cover highly applied aspects of the field, such as plant pathology, horticulture, plant breeding, microbiology and plant tissue culture.

BSc Honours Degree Programme, 04-year duration (Academic Orientation):

Areas of specialization are,

  • Plant Science
  • Plant Biotechnology
  • Bioinformatics

These courses provide an extensive knowledge in the area specialization and provide the knowledge required for further studies and employment.

BSc Honours Degree Program, 04-year duration (Industrial Orientation):

Students have the opportunity of specializing in the areas of,

  • Horticulture and Sustainable Landscaping

This programme is designed to cover highly applied aspects of the field such as horticulture, landscaping, plant breeding, tissue culture as well as development of a business plan, and a component of industrial training in the fourth year.

MSc and Postgraduate Diploma Programs

The Department of Plant Sciences conducts two MSc degree programme with a strong research component.

  • Plant Cell and Tissue Culture
  • Agricultural Microbiology

MPhil / PhD Programs

The Department of Plant Sciences offers opportunities for postgraduate degrees (MPhil/PhD) by research, on different disciplines related to Plant Sciences

Currently there are more than 15 postgraduate students reading for research degrees (MPhil/PhD) working in the department, under the able supervision of senior academic staff.

Extension Courses

Diploma in Biodiversity Management (DBIOM) (jointly with the Department of Zoology & Environment Sciences) is a multidisciplinary course intended for persons wishing to pursue a career in the field of biodiversity assessment, conservation and sustainable development.The programme is delivered through a variety of teaching modes, including e-learning, classroom lectures and discussions, laboratory and field practicals.

The Diploma in Microbiological Techniques addresses the application of the multi-faceted discipline microbiology. This programme is specially designed to produce a high caliber employee, competent in the microbiological techniques in biotechnology and agriculture-based industries.

The online certificate course in Bioinformatics offers basics in this newly emerged field in science and bioinformatics, which utilizes computer techniques to understand the behavior, structure and function of Biological molecules. This course provides basic knowledge in Bioinformatics and hands-on experience in the application of techniques and tools in Bioinformatics to real biological data.


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