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About the Department of Zoology and Environment Sciences


The Department of Zoology and Environment Sciences offers a comprehensive programme for students entering the Faculty of Science, which embodies the subject areas of Zoology, Environmental Sciences, Molecular Biology and Immunology. The programme is so designed not only to provide students with a sound knowledge in these subject areas, but also offers opportunities to develop and improve their communication and other generic skills that would increase their employability.

Department of Zoology and Environment Sciences

In keeping with the major curriculum revision in 2003 and several others including one in 2012, which have taken into consideration the emerging trends in global education development and national employment, the department has incorporated new subject areas as well as modern teaching, learning and assessment techniques. The programme is well balanced and incorporates both in-class teaching and field based learning components. Students also engage in many activities outside their academic programme that helps to vastly improve their communication and interpersonal skills.

The Department of Zoology and Environment Sciences is particularly known for the friendly staff that makes every effort to provide the students with a pleasant and fruitful learning experience in the university.

Research and Services

The Department provides the opportunities for suitably qualified graduates to undertake postgraduate studies leading to both MPhil and PhD degrees, under the supervision of its staff members.

The Department excels in its research capabilities providing research opportunities in diverse fields such as Wildlife Ecology, Eco-tourism, Ornithology,  Evolutionary Biology, Limnology, Ecotoxicology, Natural Disaster Management, Environmental Modeling Climate Change, Immunology & Molecular Biology of human and animal diseases, Conservation Biology, Entomology, Human Genetics, Reproductive Physiology and Aquatic Biology under the guidance of its academic staff members. Much of this research work is published in both local and international journals. The postgraduate research programmes of the department enriches the undergraduate programme by providing opportunities for students selected for the BSc Honours degree programmes to participate in some components of on-going research activities.

Extension Programs

The department also conducts two other programmes for external students. The newest addition is the Diploma in Wildlife Conservation (9 months) which is conducted in collaboration with the Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWLC) for park rangers. The other is the Diploma in Biodiversity Management (1 year) which is conducted jointly with the Department of Plant Sciences for nature enthusiasts.


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