Zoology is offered as a subject for the three-year B.Sc. General degree and the four-year B.Sc. Special degree programs offered by the Faculty of Science. In addition, the department offers Environment Science as a subject. The courses have been designed to provide fundamental knowledge in Zoology and Environment Sciences in the first and second years and introducing the multidisciplinary nature and applied aspects within the scope of Zoology and Environment Science in the third and fourth years.

The department offers three special degree programs, Zoology, Environment Science and Immunology and Integrative Molecular Biology. Students who are selected to these programs must follow a set of courses, which covers the necessary fundamental and applied aspects of the specialized areas.

Further, the department offers a four year general degree option in Business and environment with a strong emphasis on improving the employability of graduates in much sought after professions in this area.

Following is a list of courses conducted by the Department of Zoology

Three Year General Degree

Zoology and Environment Science are offered as subjects for the three-year B.Sc. General degree offered by the Faculty of Science. The courses have been designed with a view to providing a fundamental knowledge of Zoology and Environment Science in the first and second years and introducing the multidisciplinary nature and applied aspects within the scope of Zoology and Environment Science in the third year.

Level I

Level I     
SIZL 1009Evolution and Biogeography2C15L 30PCore
 EN 1008Introduction to Environment Science3C30L 30PCompulsory
SIIZL 1008Variety of Animal Life3C30L 30PCore
 ZL 1010Animal Behaviour2C15L 30PCore

Level II

S IZL 2010Animal Form and Function3C30L 30PCore
 EN 2008Fundamentals of Environment Management3C30L 30POptional
SIIZL 2009Principles of Ecology3C30L 30PCore
 ZL 2011Biosystematics1C15LCore

Level III

 SIZL 3010Fish Biology & Fisheries330L 30 PCore
 ZL 3015Introduction to Biological Psychology115 LOptional
 ZL 3018Pest Management215L 30PCore
 ZL 3020Anthropology230LOptional
 SIIZL 3012Human & Mammalian Biology330L 30PCore
 ZL 3014Economic Zoology330L 30POptional
 ZL 3018Animal and Human Parasites330L 30PCore
 ZL 3006Molecular Biological and Immunological Applications230LCore
 SIEN 3012Environment Resource management445L 30POptional
 EN 3013Natural Hazards & Disaster Risk Management330L 30POptional
 EN 3014Environmental Economics & Sustainable Development345LOptional
 EN 3019Climate change330L 30POptional
SIIEN 3016Environment & Industry330L 30POptional
 EN 3017Landscape Ecology445L 30POptional
 EN 3018Public Policy & Social Movement230LOptional
 EN  3020Seminar115LOptional

Four Year General Degree

The four-year degreeprogramme is targeted for general degree students who wish to pursue a career in industry or in research if theydo not get the opportunity to enroll in a special degree programme at the end of the Level II.The programme is oriented towards developing skills in students that are necessary to secure employment.This also provides a four-year degree for those who wish to pursue postgraduate degrees.The course comprises of taught courses or a combination of taught courses and internship training or research training. Taught courses are offered in two disciplines, one for the students with biological science background and the other for the students with physical science background. In addition, courses will be offered for students of both backgrounds on general skills such as management and accounting.

Eligibility: A GPA of 2.50 at the end of the Levels I and II for all the courses followed

Special Degree Program

The department offers three Special degree programmes and students may specialize in any one of the following:ZoologyEnvironment ScienceImmunology & Integrative Molecular BiologyStudents who are selected to these programmes must follow a set of courses, which covers the necessary fundamental and applied aspects of the specialized areas of Zoology, Environmental Sciences and Immunology & Molecular BiologyMany final year research projects of our special degree students now cover inter-disciplinary areas where our academics supervise projects with several others who are drawn from diverse fields such as clinicians from the national hospital system, engineers, research scientisits from government and private sector organisations as well as academics from other universities.The Special Degree in Immunology and Integrative Molecular Biology which is the newest addition to the special streams of the department, aims to provide knowledge and skills in the latest topics and applications of this subject area. The department has three professors and three senior lecturers who have specialized in the topics included this specialization stream.The Department also offers an M.Sc. programme in Environmental Science and conducts a joint diploma in Biodiversity Management in collaboration with the Department of Plant Science. The teaching staff of these programmse include members of the department and many leading professionals/experts in various fields of environment scienceincluding climate change, ecotoxicology, disaster risk reduction, and biodiversity and natural resource management, , who add value to this programme due to their professional experience in their relevant field. The Department of Zoology will be launching two new postgraduate diploma programmes in Ecotoxicology and Climate Change and Environment Management in the near future.The Department also provides the opportunity for suitably qualified graduates to undertake postgraduate studies leading to both M.Phil. and PhD degrees, under the supervision of its staff members.

Zoology Special Degree

Eligibility :              GPA of 3.00 for ZL core courses

Level III

 SIZL 3059Molecular Biology230 LX
 ZL 3066Immunology330 L 30 PX
 ZL 3071Animal Kingdom I3 30 L 30 PX
 ZL 3072Compartive Anatomy I3 30 L 30 PX
 SIIZL 3073Animal Kingdom II330 L 30 PX
 ZL 3074Compartive Anatomy II330 L 30 PX
 ZL 3070Ecotoxicology445 L 30 PX
 ZL 3069Fundamentals of Conservation Biology and Wildlife Management330 L 30 PX

Level IV

SIZL 4060Developmental Biology2C30LX
 ZL 4052Research Project8C240PX
 ZL 4061Aquaculture3C30L 30PX
 ZL 4062Entomology3C30L 30PX
 ZL 4063Ornithology3C30L 30PX
 SIIZL 4064Parasitology3C30L 30PX
 ZL 4065Wildlife Management3C30L 30PX
 ZL 4066Project Development1C15LX
 ZL 4048Seminar1C15LX
 ZL 4049Guided Reading & Essay3C45LX

Environment Science Special Degree

Eligibility: GPA of 3.00for EN 1008 and EN 2008and GPA  of 2.67 for  core courses  of either ZL, BT or CH

Level III

 SIEN 3060Enviroment Resource Management4C45L 30P 
 EN 3061Natural Hazards & Disaster Risk Management3C30L 30P 
 EN 3063Environmental Economics & Sustainable Development3C45L 
 EN 3067Climate Change3C30L 30P 
SIIZL 3070Ecotoxicology4C45L 30P 
 ZL 3069Fundamentals of Conservation Biology and Wildlife Management3C30L 30P 
 EN 3064Environment & Industry3C30L 30P 
 EN 3065Landscape Ecology4C45L 30P 
 EN 3066Public Policy & Social Movement2C30L 

Level IV

 SIZL 4052Research Project8C240P 
 EN 4021Tools of Environment Management3C30L 30P 
 EN 4022Environmental Education, Journalism & NGO’s3C30L 30P 
 EN 4023Environmental Policies, Legislation & Administration2C30L 
 EN 4024Environmental Issues3C45L 
 SIIZL 4066Project Development1C15L 
 ZL 4048Seminar1C15L 
 ZL 4049Guided Reading & Essay3C45L 
 EN 4025Nuclear Technology & Environment3C30L 30P 
 EN 4026Instrumentation for Environment Management3C15L 60P 

Immunology & Integrative Molecular Biology Special Degree

Eligibility: GPA of 3.00 for ZL core courses  and GPA of 2.67 for BT 1011,CH 1012 and CH 2013

Level III

SIZL 3080Bioethics1C15L
 ZL 3058Immunology2C30L
 ZL 3059Molecular Biology2C30L
 ZL 3081Cellular and Molecular Physiology3C45L
 ZL 3082Foundations in Molecular Ecology2C30L
 ZL 3083Molecular Taxonomy1C15L
 ZL 3084Practical Molecular Biology I4C120P
 SIIZL 3085Advanced Applications in Immunology and Molecular Biology2C30L
 ZL 3086Population Genetics and Genomics2C30L
 ZL 3087Conservation Genetics2C30L
 ZL 3088Applications and Management of Genetic Resources1C15L
 ZL 3089Immune System in Diseases2C30L
 ZL 3090Practical Immunology I4C120P
 ZL 3091Human Molecular Genetics2C30L

Level IV

SIZL 4052Research Project8C240P
 ZL 4081Molecular Phylogeography and Evolution2C30L
 ZL 4070Molecular Immunology1C30L
 ZL 4082Epigenetics2C30L
 ZL 4083Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics2C30L
 ZL 4084Molecular and Immuno Toxicology1C15L
 ZL 4085Practical Molecular Biology II4C120P
SIIZL 4048Seminar1C15L
 ZL 4049Guided Reading & Essay3C45L
 ZL 4087Molecular Medicine2C30L
 ZL 4088Practical immunology II4C120P