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Offered by the Department of Zoology and Environment Sciences

The Department of Zoology and Environment Sciences, University of Colombo offers the BSc (External) in Environment, Development and Sustainability degree program with the intension of filling up the education gap in Sri Lanka from secondary school to high education, to enhance the carrier opportunities to meet the demand by corporate and public sector for sustainability and environmental management.


GCE Advanced Level Examination (local) – Three passes in one sitting in Biology/Mathematics/Commerce Streams /Arts (with Geography as a subject)

GCE Advanced Level Examination (local) – Three passes in one sitting in Technology Stream ( Preference will be given to those who have done Biosystem Technology)

Any other equivalent academic/professional qualification acceptable to the faculty and the senate (eg: London A/L, City and Guilds, HNDE, etc. )

Course Fees

For Sri Lankan Students - LKR 200,000/- per year

For International Students - USD 1,000/- per year

For Sri Lankan coming from a foreign territory – 25% discount from USD 1000/- per year

Application Fee: LKR 3,000/-
*The course fee cannot be paid as installments

Dates to be remembered (Intake 2025)

  • Calling online application for the 2025 intake: August 01, 2024
  • Application deadline for the 2025 intake: September 30, 2024
  • Interviews for the 2025 intake: October 20, 2024
  • Final list of the 2025 intake: October 30, 2024
  • Registration of 2025 intake at CCUC: December 2024
  • Inauguration of the program for 2025 intake: January 2025
  • Commencement of the program for 2025 intake: January 2025

For Any Inquiries:

Dr Devanmini Halwatura
+94 718 113 301

Programme Duration

The duration of the program is 3 years. During each year, the programme is conducted over 2 semesters of 20 weeks. The courses are offered in Blended Mode. 100% of lessons and discussions are conducted online during weekends (Saturday and/or Sunday).

Indented Learning Outcomes of BSc (External) in Environment, Development and Sustainability

The end of the 3 years (SLQF Level 5) BSc in Environment, Development and Sustainability Degree holders should be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and proficiency in the terminologies, theories, concepts, practices and skills specific to the field of environment and sustainable development.
  • Observe and interpret sustainability subsects to uncover potential opportunities in the industrial sector while managing the environmental standards.
  • Apply best practices in the field of sustainable development to make plans, organize projects, monitor outcomes and provide environmental leadership.
  • Apply the Standards of Practice and Codes of Conduct of sustainable development concepts to address ethical challenges within the field of environment sciences and demonstrate intellectual maturity in a global setting.
  • Practice professionalism and uphold ethical standards and improve/update skills required for employment and life-long learning.
  • Effectively communicate & disseminate knowledge, information and ideas to specialist and a wider society
  • Perform independently as well as interdependently

Programme Structure

BSc in Environment, Development and Sustainability will be completed in three years (90 Credits / SLQF Level 5) and it consists of three levels.

LEVEL I: Diploma in Environment, Development and Sustainability (30 Credits)

LEVEL II: Advanced Diploma in Environment, Development and Sustainability (60 Credits)

LEVEL III: BSc in Environment, Development and Sustainability (90 Credits)

Mode of Learning

Since Environment and sustainable development are practical subjects, the highest priority will be given for providing a thorough practical knowledge to the students. The courses are designed including both theory, practical and field workshops. All the courses will be managed through the Learning Management System (EDP_LMS) for enhancing the learning experience. Each student will be allowed to access lecture materials and learning activities maintained on the EDP_LMS. Additional online discussion classes will be held at regular intervals for students to interact with the lecturers.

Programme in a nutshell

A Multidisciplinary Degree Involving

  • Environmental Management
  • Basic Skills in Laboratory and Field Techniques
  • Concepts in Sustainable Development
  • Essential Skills on Management and Statistics
  • Knowledge in English Language

Evaluation Criteria

The theory course modules will be evaluated through written examinations and/or assignments where appropriate. Laboratory course modules will be evaluated by assignments and/or semester-end examinations. In some instances, course units may require a mixed-mode evaluation including continuous assessments.

Level Certificates/ Diploma/ Advanced Diploma and Degree awarding criteria can be found under the Degree-Awarding criteria.

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Further Information

Further information regarding the Programme can be obtained by contacting the programme coordinators

Contact details of the programme coordinators are as follows.

Coordinator/Learning Resources and Staff Affairs