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Offered by the ITSC

BSc (Hons) IT & Management program is designed to provide insight into effective technology management in aspects of both theory and practice. This degree will enable students to develop their IT skills as well as their strategic management and leadership skills to design, develop and implement technology solutions to improve business performance.

This degree will provide you with the technical skills to be successful in the IT management sector, as well as ensuring you have the necessary management expertise to work in this ever-growing part of the IT industry, as well as to set up and manage a business.

Intended Learning Outcomes
At the end of the 04 years (SLQF Level 6) BSc (Hons) in IT & Management (Research Orientation) holders should be able to:

  • demonstrate thorough and systematic understanding of advanced concepts in IT & Management.
  • demonstrate practical skills in IT & Management and related disciplines, through the use of established techniques and development of new techniques.
  • develop hypotheses, construct and sustain arguments in the context of research and investigation.
  •  eloquently communicate & disseminate knowledge, information and ideas to academic and industry-oriented audiences.
  • practice professionalism and uphold ethical standards.
  • function independently as well as interdependently.
  • demonstrate leadership skills.
  • express emotional and intellectual maturity in a global setting.
  • prepared to carry out independent and further learning.



Entry Requirements

A minimum GPA of 2.50 at the end level II for all registered courses including CS core courses.

Course Modules

Level 3

Course Code Title No. of Credits No. of Hours
IT 3003 Advance Programming Techniques 3 30L 30P
IT 3004 E-Commerce 2 20L 20P
IT 3005 Data Mining 3 30L 30P
IT 3006 IT Service Management 2 20L 20P
MS3006 General Management 2 20L 20P
AM3081 Applied analysis 3 45L
AM3082 Theory of Computation 3 45L
IT 3001 Management Information Systems 3 30L 30P
IT 3002 Database Systems 3 30L 30P
IT 3007 Data Structures & Algorithms 3 30L 30P
IT 3008 IT Seminar 1 30P
MS 3007 Strategic Human Resource Management 2 20L 20P

Level 4

Course Code Title No. of Credits No. of Hours
IT 4004 Advanced Database Systems 3 30L 30P
IT 4005 Advanced Software Engineering 3 30L 30P
IT 4006 Enterprise Applications Development 3 30L 30P
IT 4007 Network Information Systems 3 30L 30P
MS 4003 Strategic Decision Making 3 30L 30P
IT4008 Group Project 3 90P
IT4009 Industrial Training 6
IT4010 Industrial Research Project 6 120P