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Offered by the Department of Chemistry

The BSc Honours degree programme in Chemistry expects to provide students with a sound knowledge in the discipline of chemistry. The degree is awarded upon completion of a minimum of 120 credits over a period of four years. During the first two years students are provided with the basic theoretical foundation and essential practical skills. Advanced concepts are introduced during the next two years. In addition, students are exposed to current areas of interest in the field of chemistry. In the final year of the programme students are required to complete a research project under the supervision of an academic staff member. The knowledge gained and research experience would equip the students to be successful in academia or industry.

Degree Aims

  • To provide a solid foundation of the concepts in chemistry.
  • To apply the knowledge gained and skills developed in the field of chemistry as well as related disciplines.
  • To be an effective communicator who would contribute to the development of the discipline and society at large.
  • To develop a responsible global citizen with a high degree of integrity and empathy

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for this program, a student must obtain a GPA of 3.00 or higher for the core courses in Chemistry taken within the first two years and at least a C grade for AM 1108 for those who do not offer AM core courses in the first two years.

Course Modules

(L – No. of Lecture hours, P – No. of Practical hours)

Level 3

Course Code Title No. of Credits No. of Hours
CH 3001 Topics in Analytical Chemistry I 2 30L
CH 3003 Industrial Chemistry 2 30L
CH 3004 Laboratory Management 1 15L
CH 3005 Chemical Technology 2 30L
CH 3006 Computational Chemistry 3 30L
CH 3007 Topics in Analytical Chemistry II 1 15L
CH 3008 Quality Management 1 15L
CH 3021 Spectroscopy 3 45L
CH 3023 Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry 2 30L
CH 3024 Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2 30L
CH 3027 Molecular Biology 2 30L
CH 3029 Organic Chemistry 3 45L
CH 3030 Advanced Practical Chemistry 8 240P
CH 3031 Symmetry in Chemistry 1 15L
CH 3033 Chemistry of Biomolecules 3 45L

Level 4

Course Code Title No. of Credits No. of Hours
CH 4001 Research project 8 240P
CH 4002 Seminar and Essay 3 90P
CH 4003 General Paper 3 45L
CH 4004 Optional Topics 4 60L
CH 4005 Advanced Organic Chemistry 3 45L
CH 4006 Biochemistry 3 45L
CH 4007 Advanced Physical Chemistry 3 45L
CH 4008 Advanced topics in Chemistry 3 45L
CH 4090 Advanced Molecular Modeling 1 15L