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Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology

Prof. K M Nalin de Silva

  • Water and gas purification
  • Smart textiles and apparel
  • Value addition to minerals
  • Anti cancer natural compounds and their effective delivery using advanced materials
  • Biodegradable polymers
  • Smart materials through electrospining technology.

Catalysis, Quantum Chemistry & Sensors

Prof. Dhammike Dissanayake

  • Study of mechanisms
  • Application of quantum mechanics to calculate molecular properties and reaction mechanisms
  • Sensor development

Computational Chemistry

Prof. Samantha Weerasinghe

  • Molecular dynamics
  • Drug Discovery
  • Moleculr docking
  • Stability of clusters in gas phase
  • structure and stability of proteins

Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

Prof Ranil Dassanayake

  • Trangenic Technology (Dengue mosquito, Zebra fish)
  • filariasis
  • Cancers
  • Moleculardiagnostics
  • protein expression & purification

Molecualr Biology, Biochemistry & Microbilogy

Prof. Chamari Hettiarachchi

  • Plant Transgenics
  • abiotic & biotic stresses
  • Protein expression and purification
  • Screening of Natural products for antimicrobial
  • anticancer drug development
  • screening for endophytic fungi

Advanced nanomaterials

Prof. W Rohini M de Silva

  • To remove heavy metals, toxic anions, hardness, and organic dyes as well as bio polutants from water.
  • To achieve targeted delivery of anticancer and other drugs.
  • To develop smart textiles via electrospining.
  • To develop hydrophobic, transparent and insulating coatings.
  • To develop photo catalyst to remove chemical toxins and bio toxins. Value addition to minerals.
  • To develop processes to convert ilmanite to useful Titanium compounds. Polymer composites to reduce abrasion and increase heat conduction. Identify structural changes for the process of preparing Ayurvedic medicine called “kajjali".

Computational Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Microscopy, Materials Chemistry

Dr. Neranga I Abeyasinghe

  • Spectroscopy
  • Organic Photo voltaics
  • Nonlinear spectroscopy
  • Fluorescent sensing
  • Chromophore synthesis
  • Quantum-confined nano clusters
  • Computational Calculations
  • Plant extracts for disease therapy
  • Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) of biomarkers

Electroanalytical Chemistry

Dr. Hasini Rangika Perera

  • Development and analysis of ion selective electrodes
  • development and analysis of electroanalytical sensors
  • Corrosion inhibition – using coating, using particles

Organic Synthesis, Natural Products Chemistry

Dr. H Ireshika C De Silva

  • Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds with poetntial bilogical activities
  • Investigation of catalytic activity of plant extracts based nanoparticles in various organic reactions
  • Isolation of bioactive natural prodcuts from Sri Lankan herbal plants and their endophytic fungi, Value addition to natural prodcuts.

Environmental Analytical Cemistry

Prof. K R Ranjith Mahanama

  • Air quality
  • water quality
  • food characterization
  • investigation on adulterants
  • food composition
  • developing quality indices

Surface Chemistry, Materials Science, Bionanotechnology, Computational Chemistry

Dr. Aashani Tillekaratne

  • Development of materials for drug delivery, bioimaging and sensory applications.
  • Studying surface chemistry and catalytic activity of developed materials.
  • Computational calculations of catalytic materials

Analytical Chemistry, Electrochemistry and Instrumentation

Dr. M N Kaumal

  • Analytical method development and validation, Laboratory management, Electrochemistry, Analytical Instrumentation, paper-based device development, portable electrochemical sensor development.
  • Intellectual property management and technology transfer, Innovation commercialization, Chemical education.

Protein chemistry, RNA Biology and Genetic engineering

Dr. Gayathri N Silva

  • Riboswitches
  • Cell culture
  • Functional analysis of proteins

Inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry, Polymer and Material Science

Dr. S M Vithanarachchi

  • Luminescent Sensors and MRI contrast agents development and applications
  • Plant extract-based metal nano particles synthesis and applications
  • Biodegradable polymer development

Research Groups

Application of Analytical Methods in Quality Assurance

Developments and Applications of nano-materials

Electrochemistry and Photochemistry

Organic Synthesis and Natural products

Theoretical and Computational Chemistry