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Research Areas

Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology

Prof. K M Nalin de Silva

  • Water and gas purification
  • Smart textiles and apparel
  • Value addition to minerals
  • Anti cancer natural compounds and their effective delivery using advanced materials
  • Biodegradable polymers
  • Smart materials through electrospining technology.

Catalysis, Quantum Chemistry & Sensors

Prof. Dhammike Dissanayake

  • Study of mechanisms
  • Application of quantum mechanics to calculate molecular properties and reaction mechanisms
  • Sensor development

Computational Chemistry

Prof. Samantha Weerasinghe

  • Molecular dynamics
  • Drug Discovery
  • Moleculr docking
  • Stability of clusters in gas phase
  • structure and stability of proteins

Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

Prof Ranil Dassanayake

  • Trangenic Technology (Dengue mosquito, Zebra fish)
  • filariasis
  • Cancers
  • Moleculardiagnostics
  • protein expression & purification

Molecualr Biology, Biochemistry & Microbilogy

Prof. Chamari Hettiarachchi

  • Plant Transgenics
  • abiotic & biotic stresses
  • Protein expression and purification
  • Screening of Natural products for antimicrobial
  • anticancer drug development
  • screening for endophytic fungi

Research Groups

Application of Analytical Methods in Quality Assurance

Developments and Applications of nano-materials

Electrochemistry and Photochemistry

Organic Synthesis and Natural products

Theoretical and Computational Chemistry