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Our Vision

To support the university’s vision in building synergies between knowledge, education and research, by striving to create an environment conducive to learning, teaching and intellectual advancement.

Our Mission

To underpin the mission of the university, by providing high-quality service for the staff, students and the researchers to satisfy their quest for knowledge.

The University of Ceylon was established in 1942 by the Ceylon University Ordinance No.20 of 1942. With the establishment of the University, the two colleges – the Ceylon Medical College and the Ceylon University College were absorbed into the new institution. The University of Colombo Library inherited the Collection of books and periodicals collected by the University of Ceylon since 1942 onwards excluding the collection of Arts and Education, which was transferred to Peradeniya in 1952 and 1959 respectively.

Initially, the Library of the University of Colombo was housed in a rented building ‘Villa Venetia’ situated behind the College House premises. The Science Library and the Law Library transferred from Peradeniya to Colombo in 1965 and have functioned at the College House with other small collections. In the faculty of Science, there are departmental libraries, i.e. Botany Department and Chemistry Department were manned by the main Library Staff.

In 1968, the Library at the College House and at the Grand Stand building was shifted to the National Pavilion Building which was constructed for the Industrial Exhibition. Part of the Science Library remained in the National Pavilion Building till 1982. In 1982 it was shifted to the New Chemistry Building and from there to the renovated Physics Building in 1992.