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Scheduling of Meetings

SOP 07

Revision# 1.0
Prepared By: sub committee appointed by Quality Assuarance Committee
Date Prepared: January, 2016

Effective Date: August 2019
Revised By: Sub committee appointed by IQAC
Date Revised: March 2019

Approved By: IQAC/ FB
Date Approved: 437th FB August 2019

[1] Purpose

Procedures for scheduling of Faculty level Committee meetings (Faculty Board, Higher Degrees Committee, Heads Committee, Department Committee, Research Committee, Curriculum Development and Evaluation Committee (CDEC), Coordinating Committee of External Degree Programmes (CCEDP) Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) Committee, ICT Committee, Buildings Committee, Student Welfare & Canteen Committee, Library Committee, Grievance Committee, General Safety Committee and Laboratory Safety Committee.

[2] Participants

  1. Dean of the Faculty
  2. Heads of the Departments
  3. Chairperson IQAC
  4. Director, Undergraduate Studies
  5. Director, Postgraduate Studies
  6. Directors
  7. Coordinators
  8. Permanent Student Counselor
  9. AL/ SAL/ DL Faculty of Science
  10. AR/ SAR/ DR Faculty of Science
  11. AB/ SAB/ DB Faculty of Science
  12. Committee members appointed by the Faculty
  13. Student representatives
  14. Non-academic staff representatives
  15. Works Engineer
  16. Project Manager
  17. Assistant Network Manager
  18. Programmer Cum System Analyst
  19. Deputy Chief Marshall
  20. Public Health Inspector (PHI)

[3] Procedure

Activity 1: Finalizing the calendar dates

1.1 AR/ SAR/ DR informs the calendar of dates for the meetings of the faculty to AR/ SAR /DR Academic and Publications to be included to the university calendar of dates.

1.2 AR/SAR/DR Academic and Publications circulate a calendar of dates among the members of the university for their information.

Activity 2: Preparation the agenda

2.1 Dean based on the content of the requests (from students, academic, non-academic staff and external parties) directs AR/ SAR/ DR to forward them to the appropriate committee.

2.2 The AR/ SAR/ DR prepares the agenda for the relevant meeting (according to the instructions of the Dean)

2.3 The AR/ SAR/ DR shall circulate the agenda and the minutes of the previous meeting among the committee members one week prior to the meeting.

2.4 The AR/ SAR/ DR record the decision taken at the committee and prepare minutes of the meeting

2.5 AR/ SAR/ DR communicates the decisions taken at the committee to relevant parties, within the faculty, outside the faculty: University main administration or any other party through the Dean where necessary.

2.6 AR/ SAR/ DR informs the relevant parties/ persons for follow up actions based on the decisions taken by the committee.

2.7 The minute/ decisions of the committee/ sub-committee shall be reported to the Faculty Board.

[4] Effectiveness Criteria

AR/ SAR/ DR shall maintain the following

  • Terms of Reference (TOR) of the committee
  • Minutes of the meeting
  • Record of dates of completion of activities.
  • Record of dates / calendar