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Why do your postgraduate degree at the University of Colombo?

The University of Colombo is the highest ranked University in Sri Lanka, particularly with respect to its research output. The Faculty of Science offers a range of diverse and comprehensive postgraduate programmes to pursue advanced studies in the science streams.

We capitalize on our Strengths

Academic Excellence

A majority of the postgraduate courses are delivered by qualified, foreign-trained and experienced faculty members, while input from leading external experts is brought in to enrich the study programmes. Research is conducted under the close supervision and guidance of the academic staff who are well versed in cutting edge technologies and recent advances in their respective fields. Many academics have published extensively and are key personalities both locally and internationally.

Aptly Designed Curricula

The postgraduate programmes have well-designed multidisciplinary curricula that encompass a diverse array of fields, and closely link both theory and practice. The courses aim to provide knowledge, insight and skills required to understand and solve critical global issues and fulfill national needs. Research degrees are intended to impart sound scientific knowledge and develop analytical skills in order to attain a high standard of professionalism and scholarship. Students are urged to embark on research projects that are novel, innovative, timely and intellectually challenging.

Strong Research Drive

Research has always been a focal point of the postgraduate programmes offered by the Faculty of Science and continues to focus on producing new innovations and information which addresses current knowledge gaps and pressing national and global needs. Research is mostly multidisciplinary, and the high standard of research is evidenced by the volume of scientific publications in well cited and peer-reviewed local and international journals and the research awards and accolades received by the academics and their students. Many of the research findings have led to wide ranging impacts on industry, society, economy and the environment.

Local and Foreign Partnerships

Many faculty members have established collaborative research programmes with overseas universities and have strong links with national research organizations through which they contribute to national development. Several members act as resource persons, consultants and board members in many government and non-government organizations. These links provide ample opportunities for collaborative work often facilitating foreign exposure.

Enhancement of Soft Skills

The programmes offered by the Faculty are also designed to enhance the inter-personal skills and higher order thinking skills of postgraduate students. Many opportunities are available for students to participate in academic and group discussions and to make oral and written presentations at local or international fora, particularly to disseminate research findings. The frequent postgraduate review sessions of the faculty provides a forum for students to obtain constructive feedback from a wide audience.