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Annual Research Symposium 2023

Annual Research Symposium 2023


THEME: Research Excellence and Beyond

The Editorial Committee of the Annual Research Symposium 2023 of the University of Colombo invites academic staff members and undergraduate/postgraduate students of the University of Colombo to submit abstracts to be considered for presentation at the Technical Sessions of the Annual Research Symposium in November 2023. The abstracts should be based on original research work and, if accepted, should be presented by a staff member or student of the University of Colombo at the Research Symposiums/Conferences of the respective Faculties and Institutes. All accepted abstracts will be published in the Proceedings Book of the Annual Research Symposium 2023, University of Colombo. Details of Faculty Research Symposiums or Conferences together with submission instructions are published on their respective websites.

Guidelines for Preparation and Submission of Abstracts and Extended Abstracts

  • Guidelines for preparation and submission of Abstracts
  1. The Abstract must report original research.
  2. The title should be brief and explain the study reported. Capital letters should be used only for the first letter in the first word of the title and proper nouns. The address of the Institution in which the work was carried out should be included. If the collaborators are from different Institutions, the addresses of the respective institutions should be included. Capital letters should be used only for the initials and first letters of the surnames of authors.
  3. The Abstract should not exceed 300 words.
  4. Standard abbreviations of SI units should be used.
  5. Restrict acknowledgements to funding sources.
  6. The Abstract should be sent both as a Word and a PDF document.
  •  Guidelines for submission of Extended Abstracts
  1. The Extended Abstract should not exceed 800 words.
  2. The text should include the following aspects: Background, Objectives, Methodology, Results and Discussion, and Conclusion.
  3. Tables and figures can be included if essential.
  4. Limit citations to critical references (maximum five) which should be given at the end of the Extended Abstract.
  • Important: Read the following carefully
  1.  The submitted Abstract should be related to Postgraduate work. A permanent academic staff member attached to the Faculty of Science, University of Colombo, is also permitted to present his/her research work even if no postgraduate students are involved.
  2. Each submitted Abstract must be accompanied by the Declaration Form duly completed and signed by all the authors. Considering the current situation, the use of e-signatures is allowed.
  3. At least one of the authors must be a permanent academic staff member of the Faculty of Science, University of Colombo. 
  4. The Abstract and Declaration Form should be submitted by one of the authors who is a permanent member of the Faculty of Science, University of Colombo, to whom all correspondence will be addressed.The permanent academic staff member/s who bear authorship must take full responsibility for the submitted Abstract, including for its presentation at the Annual Sessions 2023.

Note: In the event that the presenter indicated in the Declaration Form is unable to present the paper at the stipulated sessions, it is the responsibility of the submitting author to withdraw the paper in advance OR to arrange for one of the other co-authors to present the paper. Not presenting a published abstract would result in penalization of all the authors.

In the case of a single author where he/she could not present the paper due to ill health or any other valid reason, the HDC of the Faculty of Science, University of Colombo must be notified.

  • Date of submission

Abstracts, Extended Abstracts and a scanned copy of the Declaration Form should be emailed on or before the 12 July 2023 to the Postgraduate coordinator in your department.