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Student / Peer Evaluation

SOP 06

Revision# 1.0
Prepared By: sub committee appointed by Quality Assuarance Committee
Date Prepared: January, 2016

Effective Date: August 2019
Revised By: Sub committee appointed by IQAC
Date Revised: March 2019

Approved By: IQAC/ FB
Date Approved: 437th FB August 2019

[1] Purpose

Procedures for evaluation of teaching/ learning/ course

[2] Participants

  1. Dean of the Faculty
  2. Chairperson IQAC
  3. Heads of the Departments
  4. Members of the IQAC
  5. Academic staff members
  6. AR/ SAR/ DR Faculty
  7. Students

[3] Procedure

If student/ peer feedback forms are already available, proceed to activity 5.

Activity 1: Preparation of the feedback forms

1.1 Dean shall instruct the members of the IQAC to prepare the relevant forms (students / peers) for course evaluation.

1.2 The committee shall prepare a draft of the feedback forms and hand over to the AR/ SAR/ DR.
1.3 AR/ SAR/ DR circulates draft feedback forms among the members of the Faculty Board.

1.4 The Faculty Board approves the feedback forms with any revisions.

1.5 Finalized feedback forms will be handed over to the IQAC.

Activity 2: Administering feedback forms

2.1 At the beginning of the semester the Head of the Department shall inform the IQAC of the mode (manual, online) of feedback for the different courses.

2.2 The Dean and the IQAC determine when the feedback form shall be administered and inform the Heads of the Departments.

2.3 In the case of manual administering of the feedback forms the Head of Department shall make copies to be distributed among the students.

2.4 Head shall designate a non-academic staff member to distribute and collect the duly completed feedback forms from students.

2.5 The designated non-academic staff member shall distribute and collect the feedback forms from the students, packet and seal the forms in the presence of the Head of the relevant Department who shall then hand over the packet to the AR/ SAR/ DR.

2.6 In the case of online administering of the feedback forms IQAC will facilitate the process by establishing a weblink.

2.7 Dean shall instruct the AR/ SAR/ DR to hand over the feedback form to the Heads of Departments.

2.8 The Head at a Department Meeting appoints two evaluators, one from within the department and the other from another department, within or outside the faculty.

2.9 The Dean and the IQAC determine when the feedback form shall be administered and inform the Heads of the Departments.

2.10 The Head shall invite the designated academic staff members to conduct the peer feedback process.

2.11 The evaluators shall hand over the completed feedback form to the Head who shall then hand them over the AR/ SAR/ DR.

Activity 3: Analysis of feedback

3.1 The AR/ SAR/ DR shall hand over feedback forms to the Chairperson of the IQAC, who will take the necessary action to analyze the feedback forms.

3.2 The Chairperson of the IQAC shall submit a summary of the feedback to the Dean.

3.3 The Dean shall instruct the AR/ SAR/ DR to hand over the summary to the relevant Head of the Department.

3.4 The Head, in consultation with the Dean, shall inform the relevant academic staff member of the overall feedback for possible future actions.

Activity 4: Monitoring and continuous improvement

4.1 The Chairperson of the IQAC will share the summaries of the student and peer feedback with the IQAC and provide recommendations to the Faculty Board.

4.2 The IQAC will monitor the implementation of the suggested recommendations.

[4] Effectiveness Criteria

  • IQAC minutes and reports
  • Feedback form evaluation report
  • Faculty Board minutes