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Career Guidance Committee

TOR 07

[1] Purpose

The purpose of the committee is to regulate and strengthen CG activities and to ensure smooth functioning of the CGU

[2] Committee Composition and meetings

A. Membership

I. Co-Directors : Prof. DD Wickremasinghe , Prof. Prof. GHCM Hettiarachchi

II. Secretary : Dr. Gayani Galhena

III. Coordinators of each course:

  • Dr. CM Nanayakkara , Dr. HHE Jayaweera – EC 1015
  • Dr. IC Perera – EC 1016
  • Dr. EYK Lokupitiya – EC 2015
  • Dr. HIU Caldera, Dr. KGSU Ariyawansa – EC 3015
  • Dr. D Halwathura , Dr. JMDR Jayasundara – EC 2020
  • Dr. D Halwathura , Dr. KGSU Ariyawansa – FS 3002
  • Prof. GHCM Hettiarachchi – FS 3001, MS 4014, MS 4015, MS 3011, MS 4009

B. Meeting Schedule

The Committee shall meet once a month (generally the last Wednesday of each month)

[3] Responsibilities of the committee

3.1 Recommend new career guidance courses / programmes

3.2 Recommend revisions to career guidance programme / career guidance course

3.3 Evaluating/monitoring of the career guidance programme

3.4 Recommend necessary changes in accordance with requests from internal and external stakeholders

Director of Career Guidance Committee (CGU)

  1. Overseeing the Career Guidance Programmes of the Faculty and Career Guidance Unit to ensure smooth functioning of both
  2. Chairing CGC meetings
  3. Introducing the structure and composition of career guidance programme to the new entrants at the orientation programme
  4. Identifying and reporting on matters concerning career guidance programmes at the Faculty Board
  5. Dealing with any issues/queries raised by stakeholders (students / supervisors / coordinators / examiners) of the career guidance programmes
  6. Participating in the Quality Assurance Committee meetings
  7. Ensuring that all courses offered comply with the Faculty undergraduate By Laws and guidelines
  8. Attending to revisions and other recommendations for course improvement through CDEC

Enhancement Course coordinators of Career Guidance Committee (CGU)

  1. Coordinate EC courses offered by the CGU
  2. Participating in the Career Guidance Committee meetings
  3. Attending to revisions and other recommendations for EC course improvement through CGU

Members of the Career Guidance Committee

  1. attending monthly meeting and the discussions
  2. Review the progress of courses offered in each semester with a special reference to student attendances, contribution of resource persons etc.
  3. Review evaluation and examination processes
  4. Review the logistics needed for CGU
  5. plan ahead future activities
  6. strengthen corporate sector partnerships
  7. attend to any other related activity to enhance the quality of services offered by the CGU