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Heads Committee

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[1] Purpose

Heads Committee is a standing committee of the Faculty Board, of the Faculty of Science, responsible for matters pertaining to academic, administrative, financial, student and staff related issues.

[2] Committee Composition and meetings

A. Membership

I. Dean (Chairperson of the Committee): Prof. DUJ Sonnadara

II. Heads of the Departments

  • Prof. DD Wickremasinghe – Zoology & Environment Sciences
  • Prof. KMN de Silva – Chemistry
  • Prof. KPSC Jayaratne – Physics
  • Dr. CD Thilakaratne – Statistics
  • Dr. MR Lamabadusuriya – Nuclear Sciences
  • Dr. SSN Perera – Mathematics
  • Dr. CM Nanayakkara – Plant Sciences

III. Senior Assistant Registrar: Mrs. TDD Pathiranage

B. Meeting Schedule

The Committee shall meet once a month on a scheduled date (Generally 3rd Wednesday of the month) and shall have special meetings to discuss specific issues

[3] Duties and Responsibilities of the Heads committee

3.1 Make recommendations with regards to matters pertaining to the academic calendar, lecture/ examination time tables

3.2 Discuss and make suggestions relating to strategic/ action plans of the university/ faculty

3.3 Assess the progress of the implementation of the action plan of the previous year/s and take necessary actions to implement future activities

3.4 Prepare a revised annual faculty action plan aligned with university strategic plan

3.5 Making decisions on allocations of the received funds among the departments

3.6 Make recommendations based on directives of the Quality Assurance Cell

3.7 Discuss/ review the progress of new building construction in the faculty

3.8 Discuss/ review activities in relation to rehabilitation work in the faculty

3.9 Reviews minutes of the Departmental Committees

3.10 Make recommendations with regards to requests from both external and internal stakeholders

3.11 Evaluate student applications for annual university awards and make recommendations to the Vice Chancellor.

3.12 Any other matters related to departments/ faculty which does not come under above mentioned areas