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ICT Committee

TOR 14

[1] Purpose

ICT Committee is a sub-committee of the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Science, responsible for making recommendations to the Faculty Board with regard to the Faculty of Science websites & social media networks, Student Information System (SIS), Learning Management System (LMS), and their maintenance and any other ICT related matters.

[2] Committee Composition and meetings

A. Membership

I. Dean (Chairperson of the Committee): Prof. DUJ Sonnadara

II. ITSC Coordinator (Co-Chair): Dr. HHE Jayaweera

III. Department representatives:

  • Prof. MSS Weerasinghe – Chemistry
  • DR. SD Viswakula – Statistics
  • Dr. SKP Eranga – Mathematics
  • Dr. KGSU Ariyawansa – Plant Sciences
  • Dr. IC Perera – Zoology & Environmental Sciences
  • Dr. J. Jeyasugiththan – Nuclear Science
  • Dr. HHE Jayaweera – Physics

IV. Programmer cum System Analyst: Ms. S Thambipillai

V. Assistant Network Manager: Mr. ND Suduwalle

VI. Senior Assistant Registrar (Convener) : Ms. TDD Pathiranage

B. Meeting Schedule
The Committee shall meet prior to the commencement of each semester

[3] Duties and Responsibilities of the ICT committee

3.1. Recommends and implements activities with regard to content, organization and technology in relation to all websites& social media networks of the Faculty of Science in order to improve user experience

3.2. Make recommendations with regard to matters pertaining to the ICT infrastructure of the Faculty

3.3. Formulate policies to ensure fair and effective usage of the websites, email, SIS, LMS, internet and other ICT related infrastructures

3.4. Introduce new technologies to support academic and administrative activities

3.5. Liaise with University Web and IT committee, Faculty QA Cell, departments, centers and units within the Faculty of Science to improve ICT infrastructure Review and monitor the status of the ICT infrastructure

3.6. Any other matters related to ICT infrastructure which does not come under above mentioned areas

[4] Duties and Responsibilities of the Coordinator of the ITSC

4.1. Liaise with the Dean, Faculty of Science Assistant Network Manager, and the WebAdministrator of the Network Operating Centre, University of Colombo to coordinate ICT related activities

4.2. Represent the Faculty at the University Web and IT Committee, and in all other ICT related activities

4.3. Organize Faculty level ICT meetings

4.4. Provide guidance to the department representatives

4.5. Monitor the faculty websites & social media networks, SIS, LMS, FOS Media and intranet

4.6. Work with other related committees and units within the faculty on matters related to ICT

4.7. Draw up agenda for the regular ICT Committee meeting

4.8. Report on the activities of the ICT Committee to the Faculty