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Student Welfare and Canteen Committee

TOR 13

[1] Purpose

Canteen and Student Welfare Committee is a subcommittee of the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Science, responsible for matters pertaining to canteen facilities and student welfare related issues in the faculty

[2] Committee Composition and meetings

A. Membership

I. Dean (Chairperson of the Committee): Prof. DUJ Sannadara

II. Chairperson of the Committee: Mr. ERAD Bandara

III. Permanet student : Mr. RAB Abeygunawardena

IV. Two academic staff members appointed by the Dean of the Faculty: Dr. MN Kaumal, Dr. BSS Senevirathna

V. Two non-academic staff members appointed by Dean of the faculty:

VI. Senior Assistant Registrar: Ms.TDD Pathiranage

VII. Senior Assistant Bursar: Ms. PLC Fernando

VIII. Two student representatives: Mr. WK Tharaka,Mr. YT Jayasinghe

IX. Public Health Inspector of the university (on invitation) : Mr. HWCK Silva , Mr. HRRL Senadheera

X. Service provider of the canteen (on invitation) : Mr. G. Jayashanker (current)

  • Works engineer/supervisor/staff shall be invited when necessary – Mr. Nalinda Rathnayake (Works supervisor)
  • A representative of the Marshall office shall be invited when necessary

B. Meeting Schedule

The Committee shall meet once a month

[3] Duties and Responsibilities of the Student welfare & Canteen committee

3.1 Monitor the condition of student study areas/recreational areas and sanitary facilities and recommend necessary changes for further improvement

3.2 Liaise with the University Welfare Committee

3.3 Periodically inspect the quality of food and services offered by the canteen and monitor functioning of the canteen.

3.4 Serve in the Technical Evaluation Committee to select a canteen service provider

3.5 Attending any other matters related to the functioning of the canteen

3.6 Recommend actions regarding any other matters related to student welfare